Rogue One: First Look At Bail Organa

As we reported during Summer, Jimmy Smits confirmed on The Talk that he would be back for Rogue One as Bail Organa after the Celebration Reel where fans had noticed someone that looked very much like him. And now Twitter user Andy W has found the first look at Bail Organa in the movie, it was in the US Weekly special. It also confirms it was indeed him we saw in the Celebration Reel, it’s the same outfit.
You can notice that the emblem on his belt is exactly the same emblem he had on his belt during the Prequels. It’s so amazing to see Jimmy Smits reprising his role, it feels just like during Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith!
It’s interesting to notice what Jimmy says about Bail for the movie. “Bail Organa’s garb “isn’t as stately as in the other episodes,” Jimmy Smits tells Us, because in Rogue One, “he isn’t as high up the political food chain.”” It’ll be great to see how Bail is in this new movie.


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