[Review] Star Wars Rebels: The Wynkahthu Job

The Wynkahthu Job was the return of Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars Rebels after we last saw him in season 3 premiere. This episode was written by Gary Whitta who wrote the story of Rogue One. Hondo means fun and troubles and this episode followed the rules. Zeb, Chopper and Ezra went on a mission with Hondo and his new unexpected ally – Azmorrigan.

It was a surprise for everyone, Azmorrigan had tried to kill both Hondo and the Ghost crew. But this episode maybe showed the true Azmorrigan. Before we saw him as a criminal who was somehow a villain but here, we saw that he was more like not that much of a villain but more like a nice smuggler, he even shocked everyone when he said he was a hero after killing an Imperial droid! Speaking of that, we were introduced to new Imperial droids reminiscent of the Aqua droids from The Clone Wars. How the body was designed, the cannons it was all a call back to these droids.

Along with Hondo and Azmorrigan, AP-5A was back as well, the droid voiced by Stephen Stanton. He joined the rebels last season when meeting Chopper.

About troubles … the whole mission was troubles … it wasn’t abandoned as there were Imperial droids defending it and it didn’t headed to Wynkahthy because of the Imperials but because of Hondo highjacking it with his crew. Actually one of his crew members was on the cargo. The rebels did manage to get the proton bombs but Hondo didn’t get his treasure but he liked to say that he did get the most important treasure friendship by saving his crew member … ah the lies Hondo can tell.

Zeg got some assurance too, he was leading the group for once. Usually, he’s always the one who doesn’t care or doesn’t want much but there he took the lead and I liked that. It would be nice seeing Zeb leading more missions in the future. It doesn’t always have to be Ezra leading everyone.

6.8/10 Hondo always means fun and it’s what this episode brought a fun adventure.

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