There’s a new Rogue One TV spot called “Breath” which features new footage including one that we weren’t sure would show up in the movie (despite some rumors but nothing confirmed until now) – Grand Moff Tarkin on a bridge of a Star Destroyer watching the Death Star. We don’t see his face but it’s him, there’s no doubt even Entertainment Weekly confirms it.
John Knoll executive producer of the movie and visual effects supervisor mentioned in an interview with EW “the never-before-seen bit of technology they innovated “ I have to tread lightly there because some of the fun bits of innovation are stuff that I’ve been asked not to talk about yet. You know, we want to hold that back.”” which backs up the rumor that had been of Tarkin coming back by recreating the late Peter Cushing in CGI.
Twitter user Andy Peachey pointed out that this TV Spot is just like the Attack of The Clones teaser “Breathing“, the whole time you hear Vader breathing in both.


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