PrensaImperial got an inside look at the digital edition of the January issue of Empire Magazine which includes brand new images of Rogue One with a never before seen droid.

Their look at the new issue also included new details about the filming:
– The film was filmed in 6 months, working 6 days a week and each actor had to train hard.
– Felicity Jones was all in bandages while her family were sending her messages like “are you okay?” And she replied that “it’s just another day of filming.”
– Diego Luna points out that in all the scenes “we were dirty and wounded”. In another scene he lost part of his cornea. The actors did not have much to imagine, since the sets were real, and the weapons were heavy. Diego mentions that there were explosions in front of them and that “everything was crazy!”.
– Forest Whitaker mentions that thanks to the way by which Gareth shoots “Rogue One has a very intimate and emotional air”.
– Alan Tudyk says that the motion-capture suit he used to bring the K-2SO droid to life was not fireproof, and that many parts of his body were burned when pyrotechnic explosions occurred.


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