Gareth Edwards was in France today on the “Quotidien” talk show on TMC channel to promote Rogue One, he was interviewed by Yann Barthès. If you live in France, you can re-watch the interview here on MYTF1 (not sure it works for people outside of France).

In this interview, Gareth Edwards talked about his passion for Star Wars that on his 30th birthday he went in Tunisia where some parts of the Star Wars movies had been filmed, he slept on Lars Homestead (one of the set that had been built and still remains there) for a night and even brought blue milk and drank it there. He mentioned that he was ready for the criticism that would come at him but that you can’t do a movie that will please everyone otherwise you do a bad movie and he did the movie he did and he believes in it. He will stay away from internet now and he’s hoping that the movie will be appreciated by lot of people, just 15 more days to find out. He talked about how Star Wars inspired him to be a filmmaker.

He then answered a number of yes or no questions:
– The first one was whether they were jedi in Rogue One, he said “Technically yes but …”
– The next question was are there lightsabrs in Rogue One? He showed his belt pretending a lightsaber was attached on it and said “Darth Vader” then yes.
– He then said there won’t be Luke Skywalker in the movie. And for Leia his answer was quite different “I don’t want to ruin it for people.” He gave the same answer as Leia for R2-D2. So does this mean Leia and R2-D2 are in the movie? We’ll have to wait and see.

He talked about the collaboration with Disney and how it all went well. They were extremely supportive and loved his vision of the movie. (once again a reminder that the clickbait sites spreading their idea that Disney hated the movie and did reshoots like crazy (while reshoots always happen on tentpole movies) was quite false, Felicity Jones and Mads Mikkelsen had already shut down the rumors but it didn’t seem enough for clickbait sites maybe now that it comes from the director himself it will be enough to stop those unfounded rumors). Disney really wanted him to do a movie that was different from the Saga Episodes.

He was asked how they did to make sure they weren’t leaks on the set and Gareth jokes that they had to get rid of ten members of the crew after they saw Darth Vader. Then seriously he explained that phones weren’t allowed, that he was forbidden to tell anyone what he was working on and that was difficult.

He confirmed once again that there is no opening crawl in Rogue One and he explained how the movie opens. The opening scene is a Prologue taking place almost fifteen years before and that’s how they set up the story.

He thanked John Knoll for coming up with this amazing story and obviously George Lucas for Star Wars.


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