[Review] Star Wars Rebels: An Inside Man

It’s been awhile since our heroes didn’t go back on Lothal, the last time they were on this planet was in the middle of season 2, but now they’re back … again! It featured the return of Morad Sumar and Ryzer Azadi, friends of Ezra who are now leading a secret Rebellion on Lothal, sabotaging the construction of walkers and speeders at the Imperial factory.

Ezra teamed up with Kanan and Chopper for this mission which was to infiltrate the Imperial factory and find out what was going on there. It turned out that Grand Admiral Thrawn was also coming for an inspection of the factory because it’s an important place for him where he is building his secret project (Tie Defenders from Legends). Thrawn showed again how menacing he was, executing Morad Sumar when he asked him to test a speeder that was obviously malfunctioning. But that’s the thing, we’ve seen him in a few episodes now and all he does is being menacing, he reminds us he is the villain but he hasn’t attacked them yet, all he does is let them go and after a while it becomes annoying and just undermines the character. Because, Thrawn is unlikely to kill one of the lead characters so when he actually attacks the rebels, it probably won’t be huge and the only casualty will be Commander Sato …

One of my fears turned out to be true – Kallus is fulcrum which is an idea I totally hate. Kallus was there since the beginning, he was an incompetent villain (but just like every villain in the show apart from Maul) and just because he was stuck on a planet with Zeb once, he suddenly changed his mind while it didn’t seem convincing. That’s how they ruined a character that was interesting unfortunately. There would be a way to redeem him – being killed by Thrawn which would be possible as Thrawn suspects there’s a mole on Lothal and it definitely seems like he knows it’s Kallus.

Going back on Lothal again was obviously not much fun and having a Kanan-Ezra episode even less after all the Kanan-Ezra episodes we had last season … but at least it set up things for upcoming episodes with the discovering of the construction of Tie Defenders at the end. The previous episodes were definitely better.

4/10 An episode that could have been so much better but turned out to be uninteresting for the most.


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