Rogue One: More Gareth Edwards Interviews

ComingSoon has a new interview with Gareth Edwards that was done during the press junket this weekend. And Entertainment Weekly more about the space battle – Gareth Edwards shot first-person X-Wing action.

“When we were filming the X-wing footage in the film, we had the X-wing [cockpit] mounted to a gimbal so it could move around, like it was really flying,” Edwards says. “Then all around were the screens, in 180 degrees, that were projecting space and this pre-animated flight path as the X-wing was moving around, like it was really flying.”

“I got inside this X-wing, put the camera on top of my shoulder and they closed the cockpit. Then the thing just started flying and we started going through space in a space battle. And I was filming it, trying to film everything and trying to get the shots as well as I could.”

“The second it was over, I got so transported to a galaxy far, far away that I had forgotten I was in Pinewood [Studios], you know? I had forgotten that I was just Gareth with a camera. I mean, I thought I was in this space battle.”

And Gareth Edwards also reminded again the press in an interview that those rumors of intense reshoots to change the tone of the movie were not true.
“I read all that stuff online and it’s not true that the studio were trying to change the tone. I’m very confident when people see it, it will put an end to all that. We were given a licence to take a risk and we took it. Whenever you take a risk you’ve got to follow through and, fingers crossed, I feel really good about it so we’ll see what everyone else thinks.”


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