First, I want to start with an interview of Alan Tudyk with The HuffingtonPost. Despite the fact that the interviewer is a Prequel hater and seems blatantly stupid like all haters, there’s something interesting in this interview, it’s Alan Tudyk saying he admires the Prequels though not liking Jar Jar but he still respects that he’s part of the movies. Jar Jar Binks was made the same way C-3PO was in the Originals and Finn in The Force Awakens, the three of them are the comic relief of these movies and if you pay attention, it’s exactly the same kind of humor they have especially Finn and Jar Jar.

H: You mentioned Darth Vader, and there was that theory about Jar Jar being a Sith Lord. Have you heard about that?

Alan Tudyk: That’s ridiculous. I guess he could be, like, the Seth lord, the lord of a man named Seth. Seth is, like, a thief.

H: Of course, we all remember Seth.

Alan Tudyk: Seth was a very integral character, but I’m sure that he overthrew Jar Jar.

Like, if I hear that [Jar Jar] voice one more time, I’m gonna lose it. I don’t mean to trash Jar Jar so much, but I guess I seem comfortable doing it.

I revered his movies, and he’s still part of the movies. And I think kids really liked him? So if it brought more people into “Star Wars,” fantastic.

It led to “Rogue One.”

Then there’s a great interview of Ben Mendelsohn which means always fun! He was interviewed by Uproxx, you can read his interview here.


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