[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Visions And Voices

“Visions and Voices” is the Winter finale of Star Wars Rebels season 3. New episodes will start airing on January 7 2017. You can watch this one now on Disney WATCH app or watch it tonight on Disney X.D.

Maul is featured in this episode which means awesomeness even more when it’s written by a clone wars veteran – Brent Friedman! It’s his second episode of Star Wars Rebels, the first one being earlier this season “The Last Battle.” “Visions and Voices” acts as a continuation of “Holocrons of Fate” when Maul and Ezra had merged a Sith and Jedi Holocron giving them visions. At the end of that episode, Maul while leaving was saying “He lives.” It was obvious that the “He” was Obi-Wan Kenobi and this episode confirmed it.

Merging two Holocrons have consequences and this episode shows us the consequences. Ezra and Maul are linked even more now. The episode starts with Ezra having visions of Maul while he’s not actually being there, to the point where he almost kills a rebel soldier thinking that person is Maul. He’s basically loosing his mind which leads Kanan and Ezra to go to see the Bendu. The Bendu is always enigmatic, always saying just a few words, he’s not revealing any of his intentions and we don’t really know if he means to help Kanan and Ezra or just to get something from them. This time, he repeats his previous warnings adding just a few other things. I’m looking forward to see where this is going. Obviously that’s when Maul shows up. Wanting Ezra to go with him to get answers on the visions they had. As always, he doesn’t really leave Ezra the choice but when you look at it, I think deep down Ezra really wants to go and is not so obliged than that. Mostly because I think Ezra is so focused on trying to destroy the Sith that the price doesn’t matter, leading him to more mistakes.

After seeing often the same environment but colored differently for different planets in the recent episodes, here we go to Dathomir! The last time we had seen the planet was in Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir witnessing Mother Talzin’s death. Ezra and Maul go to Dathomir to perform dark Magik in order to get the information they want. Once again, we see how much Maul is obsessed and will never let go his hatred for Obi-Wan Kenobi. We see his sort of lair where he keeps many objects from his past and that includes his dark lightsaber and … the portrait of the late Satine Kryze whom he killed in front of Kenobi in Star Wars The Clone Wars because she was important to him. This episode heavily connects with TCW as it deals with Maul obviously and the Nightsisters. By performing the dark Magik, Maul and Ezra get their answers of their visions – Obi-Wan Kenobi is on a desert planet with Two Suns (= Tatooine). For Ezra, it’s the help he was looking for to destroy the Sith and for Maul, the object of his revenge. Maul had already been on Tatooine during The Phantom Menace and he mentions it by saying that it’s where it started, a desert planet, we can figure out where his next stop will be and we’ll have to wait some episodes to see that confrontation that is being teased in this episode.

The spirits of the Nightsisters come back to reclaim their price for using dark Magik which traps Sabine and Kanan who were there to rescue Ezra. The two are controlled by the Nightsisters. Maul as always is selfish and doesn’t help Ezra, he leaves after the later refuses to follow him. There’s some lightsaber fights, Kanan vs Maul before he leaves but it doesn’t last long. And then Ezra vs Kanan and Ezra vs Sabine who is using the dark lightsaber! Ezra manages to destroy the spirits of the Nightsisters and revealing to Kanan and Sabine that they need to find Obi-Wan Kenobi before Maul does. At the end of the episode, Sabine keeps the dark lightsaber.

9/10 With “Holocrons of Fate” and “The Last Battle,” “Visions and Voices” was one of the highlights of this first part of season 3. it’s well written as usual with any clone wars veteran writer. An excellent episode! The Maul storyline this season is of the most interesting and keeps me on the edge of my seat!

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