[Hasbro] Rogue One: 2-Pack Baze Malbus & Stormtrooper Review

If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here. There are also a additional pictures of this review.

So now I’m continuing with the 2-packs, I have plenty of things to say about these packs. It is really difficult to remove everything from the packing whatever the 2-pack it is, they are all the same. Here, for this one, it was Baze gun that was almost impossible to remove as there are plastic threads keeping it in place and to cut these threads is not easy. Apart from that the problem with the 2-packs is the huge accessory that is totally useless, it is so big you don’t know what to do with it, instead they could have given us movie accessories. Nevertheless, this pack is truly amazing! First the stormtrooper, it is the same as the basic line but has a pauldron that fits without that ugly additional armor. The stormtrooper is the best stormtrooper that Hasbro has ever made! The helmet is perfect, it’s exactly like in the movies while before Hasbro was doing helmets that were not exactly like that. Plus the level of detail of the armor is 100% movie accurate. I’m definitely going to get several stormtroopers from the basic line, it’s a must have!
Now Baze, his outfit feels a bit like he used to be a prisoner somewhere before and at the same time, it feels like a mercenary. I like this style. Super warrior is written on his face! The figure captures that very well, right amount of details, his face bares the likeness of Baze even better than Chirrût figure! Now his accessory – the gun, it’s also movie accurate. But one thing that could have been better is how it is attached, they should have make it able to rotate at the level of his backpack because here I think it’s a bit fragile.
And both figures have great paint apps!
This 2-pack is fantastic, a must-have!


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