[Hasbro] Rogue One: 2-Pack Pao & Death Trooper Review

If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here. There are also a additional pictures of this review.

I won’t repeat what I said in my review of Baze Malbus 2-pack but the problem about this 2-pack is the same as Baze’s pack. As a result of that, removing Pao’s gun was a bit of a problem that lead it to being bent. The Death Trooper is a bit taller than the usual figure just as in the movie, they are taller. This is a new trooper with a design that is original, you can see it borrows elements from things we have seen before like a part of Vader’s belt, elements from the stormtrooper’s armors and is also pretty much new. The color of the armor fits with the name perfectly – Death Troopers. And in the movie, they do things, their name is up to their reputation. I really love this trooper, it’s a great figure and it is movie accurate. (There is also a second type of Death Trooper – the Specialist one in the 3.75 Black Series). The visor of the helmet has some sloppy paint apps but the rest is amazing.
Now Pao, it’s a new alien, he really looks like a warrior and I love it! His outfit is reminiscent of the rebel commandos outfit from Return of the Jedi and rebel soldiers from Empire Strikes Back, it’s a mix of the two. The figure is movie accurate. The upper part of his head move so you can close his mouth or open it to make it looks like he is shouting something like in the movie during the battle of Scarif. Good paint apps.
Overall, it’s a great pack.


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