It’s time to continue our reviews of the Rogue One figures! And we’re starting with Chirrût Imwe!

If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here.

No need to remind you that all this line is 5POA except a few figures that have one or two additional points of articulation. This one for example would have needed an extra articulation at the hand, it would have been better for him to handle his staff. Another thing that is missing is Chirrût’s bowcaster, well technically it is there in the form of a big ugly accessory but it doesn’t count. We don’t have the build-a-weapon this year but instead we have those horrible looking accessories that are generally too big for the figures and don’t represent anything that we see in the movie. Nevertheless, Chirrût is a great figure, there’s a really good attention for details and the figure does look like the character. Even the staff is nicely detailed and is the perfect weapon for a Force believer like him. This outfit definitely fits for him, it feels like a monk that he is in a way as a guardian of the Temple of the Whills but at the same time it’s also an outfit that looks good for battle. He is one of my favorite characters from RO so I’m quite happy they made his figure right for the most part!


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