Rogue One: Box Office Reports

First, we have great news for the US box office – Rogue One earned $29 million for the Thursday night preview screenings which is the biggest number of the year! Then on Friday, the movie earned $71.1 million, by the end of the weekend it will probably reach $145-150M.

In other countries so far Rogue One has earned $33 million which lead the worldwide total to $104.1M.

At the French Box Office (which doesn’t work by the number of $ it grosses but the number of people going to see it), the movie started well with 271 502 people seeing it on its opening day including 6478 in Paris. These numbers are considering like a great start here. The article points that it’s far from the numbers of The Force Awakens last year but it’s normal, TFA was the first Star Wars live action movie since Revenge of The Sith in 2005.

Source: Box Office Mojo & Variety


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