If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here. There are also a additional pictures of this review.

This figure of Jyn Erso is in her Jedha outfit which includes a green vest and a grey shawl. The shawl can be removed but maybe they should have made it in fabric so it could be like in the movie when she has it on her head and when it’s on her shoulders. The rest of her outfit is movie accurate and has good paint apps. She has a blaster and a that big accessory that looks like a missile launcher. Her blaster fits correctly in its holster. About the head, the paint apps are not really good on the hair near her face, the face itself could have been better but it’s not bad either.
It’s a good figure but it would have been better if the head had more likeness with its character and if the shawl had been made correctly.


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