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This 2-pack is not from Rogue One but from The Force Awakens. The problems with this pack are the same as the other 2-packs except that there are more problems with this one. First why another Poe Dameron while they could have released for example Admiral Statura? First, his outfit is movie accurate, he had it at the end, it’s the outfit of Resistance officers. He also has a blaster. Bu this figure of Poe is not even looking like the character but it actually looks more like Statura and the reason I picked this pack is to make a custom of Statura, it just needs some painting to do and the job will be done!
The snowtrooper is great, it’s a repack from the basic one from last year but with a white removable pauldron (remove the head to remove the pauldron), he has a blaster and a removable pauldron.
Overall, this pack is not half bad but it has big flaws.


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