[Hasbro] Rogue One: 3.75″ Black Series Jyn Erso Review

If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here.

Today, I’m reviewing the 3.75″ Black Series of the Rogue One toy line (except Cassian Andor that I haven’t got yet). The problem with the 3.75″ Black Series is their exclusivity, they’re Walmart exclusives thus they are not available everywhere in the world so to find them for non-US people is not easy at least not at a decent price! Apart from that, these figures are some of the best, just to begin with they are super-articulated and even more detailed even though the 5POA lines since last year has been very much detailed than at its beginning. Jyn has 16 points of articulation or 18 if you count the extended knees POA like there are in the 6″ Black Series. Her outfit is the one we see her the most with in the movie. It’s quite simple but for the situation and the character, it’s a great fit. The outfit has excellent paint apps, and is highly detailed, it’s movie accurate. Her face too is better than the 5POA figures and has really good paint apps, is closer to what Jyn Erso looks like.
She has her blaster that fits in its holster but that can also be transformed into a sniper rifle. It’s something we don’t see her do in the movie (though other people do, Cassian transforms his blaster into a a sniper rifle in the Eadu sequence). As always with the BS figures, their accessories are detailed to the best compared to the 5POA accessories that don’t get the full paint app accuracy. Having so many points of articulation is always a blessing, it’s always better and Hasbro since last year has given us even better 3.75″ BS figures, mostly because they are a replica of the 6inch figures but into a smaller size.
If you want to get one Jyn Erso figure, this is the one to get!

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