The best of Star Wars in 2016

2016 has been an eventful year, it was the release of the first anthology/spinoff movie, another season of rebels, the filming of Episode VIII, Star Wars Celebration Europe, new comics, new novels, so many great things. Here’s our ranking:

10. Galaxy Of Heroes – Spaceships expansion

Along with bringing us many new characters to play, Galaxy Of Heroes also had a huge expansion this year – adding spaceship battles which was a lot of fun!

9. Poe Dameron Comics

2016 was the launch of the ongoing comics series about Poe Dameron giving us a better look at The Force Awakens era, it took place not long before the movie and features Poe’s quest to find Lor San Tekka. You can read my reviews of the first two issues, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth issues.

8. The launch of the Rogue One Merchandise

New movie means new merchandise. The end of 2016 was the launch of Rogue One merchandise with plenty of new t-shirts, mugs, posters to buy and also new Hasbro figures, a great time for collectors! You can see my reviews of Hasbro figures in the Toys & Videos Games category, here’s some of my reviews: Jyn Erso (3.75 Black Series), Death Trooper Specialist (3.75 Black Series), Chirrût Imwe, Baze Malbus.

7. Obi-Wan & Anakin Comics

Obi-Wan & Anakin miniseries was the best comics of 2016, it was a timeline that had never been explored before in canon – between Episode I and II, showing us the training of Anakin by Obi-Wan and the start of Palpatine manipulating Anakin, what better to ask? We need more of this! You can read my review here.

6. The Rogue One Books

New movie means new books and with Rogue One we got some new amazing books. First, the prequel novel to the movie – Catalyst. It enhanced so much the movie experience because it explained many things that when you see the movie you understand why it happens like the Krennic-Tarkin rivalry, or the Krennic-Ersos relationship, how Saw Gerrera knew the Erso, Stardust … or even the flashback scene with young Jyn and her parents along with Krennic in an apartment, people who read the book know that it is Coruscant and that it’s from the time of Catalyst. You can read my review of the book here, it was done before the movie was released.
Then there were the Art of Rogue One and the Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide, two amazing books that also enhanced the movie, giving us a better look at the behind of the scenes of the movie and more information about the new characters but also more details concerning already well-known characters like Mon Mothma and Bail Organa and their role in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

5. The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray
The release of The Force Awakens on blu-ray was obviously an highlight of this year, seeing this movie again and again was fantastic! We also saw some deleted scenes and the collector edition brought us the best Leia scene of the movie, it only lasted a few seconds but it was an amazing one and it really too bad that it has been deleted, hopefully one day, JJ Abrams will realize this scene needs to be added to the movie, it was not only Leia’s best scene but it also helped in just a few seconds to add context about Resistance and Republic which was confusing in the movie for the general audience.

You can read my review of the first blu-ray release of the movie, here.

4. Star Wars: Bloodline
Bloodline was an amazing novel focused on Leia, a few years before The Force Awakens, it helped us understand the political context more precisely and we learned how Leia came to create the Resistance and the rise of the First Order threat. There was a lot of politics in this book and that was great because you don’t have anything without politics, if you remove this, there are no wars so it’s important to have these storylines, it helps us understand the story.
You can read my review here.

3. Star Wars Rebels – “Twilight Of The Apprentice”

This was the season 2 finale of Rebels and it lead to the big confrontation between Ahsoka and her former master Darth Vader, I think no one was ready for this moment, so many feels, Matt Lanter (who voiced Anakin in The Clone Wars) was even brought back to record a line during this scene. It was a mind-blowing episode with amazing lightsaber fights! It was the return of Maul, who came back with a bang killing some of the Inquisitors, and making Kanan blind, quite a dark episode! This was the perfect way to end the season and the last scene certainly brought some tears with Vader leaving the Sith Temple of Malachor while a little silhouette of Ahsoka going back in there. You can read my review here.

2. Star Wars Celebration Europe in London

Every year there is a Star Wars Celebration either in Europe or in the United States. However, this one in London was even more special to me as it was the first time I went to a Star Wars Celebration and it was a memorable 3-day event, it really was the place to be! The Rogue One panel and the Rogue One costumes booth was the highlight of this event for me, seeing the cast and crew was more than I could ever have hoped, it was truly fantastic! The Star Wars Rebels panel was also a great moment of the Celebration, seeing the first two episodes many months in advance was delightful! So many awesome panels took place during these days but there is one, I want to mention especially. I will forever be grateful to have seen Carrie Fisher for her Princess Diaries panel during the Star Wars Celebration Europe in July. She was a wonderful person, she’ll always be in our hearts! The Celebration was also the opportunity to meet some of the amazing people from Twitter like the team of Clone Corridor and some members of The Future Of The Force team. It’s always great when you can meet the people you talk to on Twitter.
You can read my posts about Carrie’s panel, Rogue One panel and costumes booth, Star Wars Rebels Panel and the Future Filmmakers panel.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
The best thing this year was without any doubt the release of ROGUE ONE, the first anthology movie. They set the bar extremely high for the next spinoffs. Rogue One was a brilliant Star Wars movie, it felt different but at the same time, it totally blend in the universe. Gareth Edwards understands Star Wars and even though I had never heard of him before (except for Godzilla), he proved how talented he was. He picked elements from the entire saga (the two series and the six movies) and also added something new which was the perfect recipe to create a good Star Wars movie! You can read my review here.

In 2016, we also lost beloved people from our favorite saga – Kenny Baker the man behind R2-D2, Erik Bauersfeld the voice of Admiral Ackbar and the legendary Carrie Fisher, our Princess Leia. May the Force be with them.


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