If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here. There are also a additional pictures of this review.

Today, I’m reviewing the U-Wing w/ Cassian Andor. First unlike Hera’s A-Wing, the NERF canon of the ship is hidden within the ship so you don’t see it unless you push a button so that’s good even though the NERF canon wasn’t much disturbing on the A-Wing. In terms of size, the U-Wing is slightly bigger than TFA X-Wings from 2015 so it is obviously not the movie accurate size as this gunship is supposed to be a gunship and carry troops, here it doesn’t carry anything except a pilot. However, considering what Hasbro is doing nowadays, it’s better they did that otherwise if they had done a gunship like the Republic gunship, today it would have cost 326€ like the AT-ACT. This ship is not too big and not too small, so I think it’s a good size, it may not be accurate on the inside (carrying troops, cockpit interior) but on the outside, it has the good paint apps and is like Cassian’s U-Wing in the movie. The wings can change position just like in the movie, the two different foils. Unlike the TFA X-Wings where it was a little bit difficult to put a pilot inside, there it’s very easy.
The U-Wing is the big new ship of Rogue One, it’s a mix of different ships like the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Jedi Interceptors from ROTS and also it supposed to be a gunship so reminding of the Republic Gunship. I love the ship, it fits perfectly with the look of the other Alliance ships. And it makes sense that the rebels would have gunships too for operations on the ground.
About Cassian figure, it’s a 5POA one, he has a blaster that can be attached to the cockpit or that fits in its holster. The outfit is movie accurate, it’s halfway between Han Solo and a rebel officer which is nice. However, the head is simply not Cassian Andor, Hasbro really messed up big time there.
Nevertheless, apart from its flaws, it’s a great ship to add in the collection!


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