[Review] Star Wars Rebels: “Ghosts of Geonosis 1 & 2”

Star Wars Rebels is back on Disney X.D. tonight! You can already watch it on the Disney WATCH app or if you live in the UK the double episode aired this morning. It was written by Steven Melching and Matt Michnovetz, two clone wars veterans.

After seeing Geonosis from afar last season, this double episode took us on the planet and acted as a follow up of last season episode. Indeed, the reason the Ghost crew goes on Geonosis is to figure out what happens to Saw’s team who went to investigate and gather clues to show the atrocities the Empire did to the planet so Bail and the rebels could have proves to show to the Senate. Bail Organa was voiced by Phil Lamarr once again (like in Rebels season 1 and in The Clone Wars). I really liked that we saw him again and really looking forward to see him again in upcoming episodes along with Mon Mothma, they need to have more episodes.

Compared to their last trip on Geonosis, the rest of the space stations were gone and on the ground, there was a big storm similar to the one we saw in TCW S02E07 “Legacy Of Terror.” I saw it as a nod to the series especially that most of the episode takes place to the Geonosian temple that we saw in that same TCW episode. This time no undead Geonosians, just one Geonosian and his egg along with battle droids. This Geonosian was the last survivor of his kind (one of the last three to be more precise as there was the egg and in the Vader comics, we know the Queen is still alive). He was only protecting his egg and wasn’t a villain in the end even though he provoked the death of Saw’s team.

After seeing Forest Whitaker in the role of Saw Gerrera in Rogue One, he voiced the character in this double episode as well! He had his normal voice in this episode, not yet his strange voice from RO but it’s his time on Geonosis in contact of the insecticide that was spread on the planet that gave him that voice (this was explained in the RO Ultimate Visual Guide which is a good reading in addition to the episode). Having Saw in Rebels featured a lot of feels from TCW. First, the reunion between Saw and Rex and mention of their time on Onderon along with a mention of Anakin Skywalker. We saw an hologram of Steela, Saw’s sister who died on Onderon. This made me tearful bringing back these painful feels from TCW and seeing Saw still kept something of his sister with him. The holoproject had the symbol of Onderon’s rebels on it. So it was great having all these references to TCW and re-watching the Onderon arc would be something I recommend before watching “Ghost of Geonosis.” They definitely showed us a harsh side of Saw who was ready to destroy the egg if he hadn’t got what he wanted. Eventually the egg and the Geonosian survived and went deeper in the tunnels. Hera even mentioned Saw having a reputation of being extreme. It’s something I would have liked to see more explored as it was a period he was still with the Rebellion, he hadn’t distanced himself so I would have liked to see more of his extreme side. However, Saw was great in this episode!

We were introduced to two new Imperial officers, it’s always good when it happens as it changes from the usual Imperial officer who always has the same head only his hair color that changes and we don’t see his head. This episode also features the Imperial Rocket troopers which is a different kind of stormtroopers but who don’t know how to shoot either. Sabine had a great badass action scene killing them.

I loved how close the rebels were to find out what happened on Geonosis but where too focused on the egg to understand that the Geonosian had drawn the Death Star and not the egg. And they also lost the canisters of insecticide/poison which was a defeat as they were supposed to gather information. And I liked that, rebels don’t always win and this time they failed, yes they got Saw but they lost the canisters. I also liked the pace of the double episode, the first part was trying to find Saw and little by little we realized that all of his team was dead and he was the only survivor. The second part was mostly about gathering proves of what happened and figure out what happened.

Having Rex in the episode was obviously good, he doesn’t get enough of screentime so I was really glad he got some action in these episodes. Going to different planets is something the show is starting to do more often and that’s important because always being on Lothal could be boring so see different places is better.

7/10 A good return for Star Wars Rebels, a great double episode that connects nicely with Saw’s story in The Clone Wars and Rogue One.

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