After our successful edition of The Jedi Lounge in 2015 before the release of The Force Awakens, we decide to do a new edition this year! We added new questions about TFA, Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels! Every Wednesday, a fan will answer the questions, we’re starting this edition with Léo Cote! You can follow him on Twitter (@Lordvoldemort98).

This is a translation in English of Léo’s answer, you can also read his answers in French in the previous post.

1. Question : Which Star Wars movie did you see first?
Answer : The Phantom Menace

2. What Star Wars means to you?
A: Star Wars means a lot to me, I love the saga and I’ve been fan since I was very young. It’s a saga that has always interested me a lot and I intend to follow it until the end of my life !

3. What’s your favorite part of the Star Wars saga and why? (it can be one of the eight movies or even one of the tv shows)
A: Hard to choose … but I would say the scene when Anakin becomes Darth Vader and when at the same time Padmé dies, we feel both the excitment to see the birth of Vader and a deep sorrow for Padmé’s death … and witnessing their children being born at the same time is a beautiful moment, while also being sad because we know that they won’t know their mother … a lot of different strong feels for one single scene.

4. If you had to choose a subtitle that sums up the Star Wars saga what would it be for you?
A: Hope is the most powerful weapon for all living beings.

5. What do you think of having anthology movies that don’t focus on the Skywalker saga and tell other stories ? And which anthology movies would you like to see in the upcoming years ?
A: I think that it’s not necessary that all movies follow a Skywalker but I think it’s important that it stays connected to their story in the Galaxy, one way or another.

6. What did you think of Rogue One ? And how many times you saw it ?
A: I loved the movie ! One of the best Star Wars ! It did what we thought was lacking in Episode VII – it innovated. A Darth Vader at the best of his power and a third act so impressive and filled with emotions !

7.Rogue One showed a different side of the Alliance, a side that is more questionable, what did you think of that ?
A: I think it’s a very good idea to show that the rebels are not perfect and that they were not the good guys in all the circumstances, it’s a very interesting approach, both original and realistic because we can’t believe that a group of individuals would take only the good decisions in all the circumstances.

8. Rogue One brought back Tarkin to life with CGI and a young Leia at the end, what were your thoughts of this use of CGI ?
A: I am totally in favor of CGI, I hate movies that cast new actors or actresses when it wasn’t planned for lack of having the original ones. The effect of CGI is so realistic and impressive that I don’t see why one would be against this film method.

9. About The Force Awakens, how do you think it connects with the two other trilogies ? Were you satisfied about this opening to the Sequel trilogy ?
A: The movie itself fits well in the saga in terms of aesthetics, costumes, etc … But in my opinion, the story is totally copied from Episode IV and it disappoints me as I can’t believe all of that hapens logically in the story.

10. Do you have any theories about Rey’s parents ?
A: I’m afraid to be disappointed ! Though I hope we know at least one of her parents, so I would say Luke, but I love the theory too of Rey being sent by the Force and thus she would be born without a father like Anakin. Now that the Chosen One is dead, someone else would be needed to bring back balance to the Force !

11. Do you think it is a good idea to have three different directors for the Sequel trilogy ? Or would you have preferred just one director for the three movies ?
A: Since JJ Abrams has copied the script of A New Hope, I prefer that another director takes over even if in terms of directing the movie was excellent. Further more, I find it interesting and rewarding for the new directors to have the opportunity to direct a Star Wars mvie. Changing the director each time is a risk but to direct such a movie, they don’t choose any director and each one can bring its own thing and vision by adapting their own filming methods.

12. What did you think of the portrayal of classic characters Han and Leia in The Force Awakens ? Did you think it was a good continuation of how the characters were in the Original Trilogy ?
A: I loved seeing the characters again but I would have appreciated to see them change, feel an evolution after 30 ears which wasn’t necessary the case since the movie was exempt of taking risks.

13. George Lucas said about the first six movies “It’s ONE movie and it’s meant to be seen I through VI.” Do you agree with this statement and why?
A: I don’t see it as one movie. First off because the main characters that the story follows change and also because to me, the story is divided by trilogies, thus having two big stories – the clone wars and the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order, and then the Rebellion against the imperial regime and its fight against terror imposed by the dictatorship of the Emperor.

14. How important do you think it was to have the Prequels telling this story of the rise and fall of Anakin, the fall of the Republic and the rise to power of a tyrant … and why do you think it was important to tell this story? For you, how does it connect to the First trilogy?
A: It’s the whole of all these questions that one could ask themselves watching the Original trilogy, who wouldn’t dram to see the past of Darth Vador ? To see how a democracy turned into a dictatorship ? In my opinion, the Prequels are as important as the Original trilogy !

15. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in the Prequels and why ?
A: At the risk of irritating some, I would say the political aspect, I love the politics in the Prequels and to see how Palpatine rises to power, starting from senator and ending as Emperor, is without any doubt what interests me the most in these three movies. But I got to say that seeing the Jedi Order at its height is also very pleasant !

16. What did you think of the performances of the main cast in the Prequels ?
A: I love Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor. I find them in tune in their performances but I had a little bit of trouble with Natalie Portman’s performance that I find sometimes monotonous …

17. What impact has The Clone Wars left on the movies for you? How did it change your way of watching the movies?
A: I always found that it was a pity not to have seen the clone wars in cinema, Episode II ends with the beginning of the war and Episode III shows us how it ends. Seeing the battles, the opinions and actions of each side, discoverin Ahsoka and having real characters among the clones give so much more depth to the saga and to me, all Star Wars fans should watch this series !

18. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in Star Wars Rebels ?
A: I would say everything that connects to the Force, with the last Jedi the Sith, seeing Ahsoka vs Vader duel is what was missing to the movies, and the Kenobi vs Maul duel that is coming is as much appealing to me ! Although, I find it interesting to see how the rebel cells gather to form the Alliance too, after all united we stand !

19. About the Ghost crew, who is your favorite and who is the one you like the least ?
A: I love Kanan, he is not a perfect Jedi, not very powerful but he is still able to give answers to Ezra’s questions. I also love Sabine’s personality and everything that connects her to her Mandalorian origins. However, I find it more difficult with Zeb whom I like a lot less, I find him not much interesting and except to tell us he is that his people were slaughtered, we don’t know much about him.

20. Where do you think Ezra’s story is headed in the future seasons ? Considering his name is Bridger and in Star Wars names have a meaning, what do you think he is supposed to bridge ?
A: I think he is building hope as a new and young Jedi but I doubt we will see him die … I am curious to see what they want to do with him next but I am convinced he won’t turn to the dark side !


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