You can watch “Warhead” on Disney WATCH app or tonight on Disney X.D. and in the UK it will air next week.

So this episode was really the weak point of season 3 so far. I didn’t like it. First, the droid infiltrator, it was a design taken from McQuarrie but it didn’t look Star Wars-y, it didn’t fit at all within this universe (and it’s not the first time we see this design used in the series) and looked more like something that could come out of Battlestar Galactica and the fact that it could also transform into a deadly droid was even more weird. And the droid was an important part of the plot. The plot, it wasn’t interesting, having this infiltrator that Zeb and Chopper have to stop before he could reveal the location of the rebel base and in the midst of that they can blow up an Imperial Star Destroyer. The excuse to have the rest of the Ghost crew out of the base did not seem convincing to me either.

There was a lot of comedy in this episode with the AP-5, Chopper and Zeb team. There were some good punch lines and I think Chopper/AP-5 make a good team and more of AP-5 in future episodes would be nice! Though Zeb doesn’t seem to have a purpose and be just the muscles. I would like them to give him more of a proper role than these kind of episodes. It reminded me a lot of the episode “Fighter Flight” with Zeb too which was to me boring and didn’t bring anything to the story. The little difference here was that it brought something to the story – the ending scene with Thrawn who has now narrowing down the planets of where the rebels base could be and with the mid-season 3 trailer we know a battle is coming!

Kallus was also featuring in this episode, he was there mostly to play his Fulcrum role at alerting the rebels about the infiltrators. What interest me the most about this storyline now is how long before Thrawn tries to stop him and how will it all go down for him.

4/10 A not really good episode in my opinion except for its ending scene that gets us closer from that big confrontation with Thrawn.


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