“Trials of the Darksaber” is airing tonight on Disney X.D. (or you can also watch it now on the Disney WATCH app). The episode is written by Dave Filoni which makes it extra special!

This episode was a very interesting one in my opinion. It was the training of Sabine to use the darksaber. It had this Samurai movie vibe that I loved, the music, the atmosphere, how the story unfold, the training, everything reminded me of that. Kevin Kiner did an absolute amazing job on the soundtrack, lots of beautiful cues.

Kanan being the blind master added a lot to the Samurai vibe. Kanan was a great master in this episode, he really pushed Sabine to accept her own truth and fight herself. This was a saber training but so much more than that for her character, it was her fighting herself, what was deep inside her and accepting that what she did was trying to save her people, not disappointing them even though they joined the Empire in the end. Her final fight against Kanan was brilliant, when she was finally speaking about all of this and accepting it. Tiya Sircar delivered a beautiful and emotional performance there. In the future episodes, I would love to see more of Kanan like that in this role of this kind of wise master, it fits him so much with him being blind now. Sabine learned from him but he learned from her too because he is not the perfect Jedi, he was a padawan when Order 66 was executed so he still had so much to learn before being a Jedi Knight.

There wasn’t much action, it was training but it still was a very good episode because of its deeper content for the characters and how it was presented to the audience.

We got to learn more about this darksaber that was first introduced in The Clone Wars, we learned the legend of the saber and it had this King Arthur vibe, this saber that could unite everyone. And the fact that there was once a Jedi Mandalorian was excited, I would love to see his story told through a mini comics series.

Fenn Rau had a brand new armor, the top was reminiscent of Satine’s Royal Guards from TCW with a mix of the typical Mandalorian armor which looked great!

This episode feels incomplete though but it will be complete with the next episode (next month) about the Mandalorians again, I think we are finally reaching the end of Sabine’s arc to rally her people.

7.5/10 A very good episode exploring characters in a deep and interesting way.


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