It is now official Force Friday will return this year on September 1 for the launch of The Last Jedi merchandise around the world unlike last year event for Rogue One when it was only a few countries and not much followed. It’s the official site that broke the news by revealing what the packaging for TLJ will look like, it features Rey, Poe and Finn! It’s actually nice to see good guys on packaging, it doesn’t happen very often.

You can notice Rey has a new haircut and the Skywalker lightsaber, Finn has kept Poe’s jacket and a white clothe underneath. This is our first look at the characters in Episode VIII


3 thoughts on “Force Friday Returning on September 1

  1. Force Friday lands on my wedding anniversary this year, so my husband and I will need to do something Star Wars-related to celebrate it….aside from seeking out bargains on merchandise. 😉


      1. I’ll have to see if anything is organized in Amsterdam or any of the bigger cities. There wasn’t much for Rogue One but maybe they’ll make more effort for The Last Jedi.


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