After a one-month break, Star Wars Rebels has finally returned on Disney X.D. This episode was a continuation of the previous one that featured Sabine’s training to use the dark saber.

I just need to say it now “Legacy Of Mandalore” was brilliant! I absolutely loved the episode and I didn’t see the end coming! Since the beginning Sabine’s story was leading up to this moment where she would confront her mother (and no despite some theories she is not Rook Kast!) and the Mandalorians and it finally happened! We got to meet Sabine’s mother, her brother, Fenn Rau was also there along with Gar Saxon. The action took place on a Mandalorian snowy planet at Sabine’s mother outpost, which featured the beautiful Mandalorian architecture. The episode was divided in two acts, the first act Sabine reuniting with her mother and her trapping Sabine and the Jedi, and the second act the Mandalorians having to fight against the Mandalorians Imperials and Sabine facing Gar Saxon.

At first, Sabine’s mother was portrayed as a cold character along with Sabine’s brother who was part of Saxon’s soldiers. Sabine wasn’t very well welcomed there but quickly, we saw that Sabine’s mother was only doing what she thought was best to protect her family and her husband being held prisoner on Mandalore. There’s one word to describe the Wrens – family. That’s what they believe in and their actions were all based on helping, protecting their family in the episode. But by doing so, Sabine’s mother brought Gar Saxon on the planet and what he brought was only violence. Her mistake only made her realize more than ever that she had to fight instead of accepting the Empire only to protect her husband.

The action sequence was really well done, Ezra and Kanan fighting the Mandalorians and Mandalorians vs Mandalorians was pure beauty! It reminded of The Clone Wars so much! The best part of the action sequence was the big duel between Sabine Wren and Gar Saxon, she fought him with Ezra’s lightsaber. It was intense, a bit like Maul vs Vizsla, it was done in the same rules. It started in the building and ended outside with amazing visuals! Sabine won honorably but she didn’t kill Gar, though her mother did when he tried to kill Sabine, proving that she was now standing with her daughter, and not just doing what she thought was right to protect her.

The ending was a surprise for me, the Mandalorians didn’t join the Rebellion, they decided they had to rise on their own to become strong again and Sabine finally accepted who she was, making the decision to stay with her family in order to find the one who will be worthy to rule Mandalore as she didn’t want of that position. So yes, Sabine left the rebels and stayed with the Mandalorians.

What does this mean for what happens next? Sabine is leaving the Ghost crew to continue on her own path for now. The interactions between the Ghost crew will definitely feel different now with one of its core members gone. However, I do believe she will be back for the season 3 finale as among the rebel fleet, you can spot a Mandalorian starfighter in the mid-season trailer, which leads me to think the Mandalorians might come to help the rebels in their battle against Thrawn.

9/10 A brilliant episode that concluded Sabine’s story arc about Mandalore in an amazing and explosive way! That duel was intense!


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