The Jedi Lounge: Interview With Andy Peachey

As I was in London this week, I haven’t been able to post our new interview on Wednesday and instead I’m posting it today. This week’s interview is with Andy Peachey who had already answered questions during our first edition of the Jedi Lounge. You can follow him on Twitter – @Andy_peachey

1. What do you think of having anthology movies that don’t focus on the Skywalker saga and tell other stories ? And which anthology movies would you like to see in the upcoming years ?
I really love this concept. I love the Skywalker Saga & am very intrigued as to which direction that story is going to go for characters like Rey & Ben Solo but I’ve always been very interested in the expansiveness & potential for Star Wars Stories that don’t deal with the core Saga. Even ‘Rogue One’ which was a story about completely different characters from what we know from the 7 films is still very much connected to it by exploring the back story to ‘A New Hope’ & I’d really love to see stories that does not connect with that story at all & begin to expand the Galaxy in a whole new way.

2. What did you think of Rogue One ? And how many times you saw it ?
I really enjoyed this film, I’m still not entirely sure how to express how I feel about ir simply because it was so different to what we’ve come to expect in a Star Wars film. All I know is I loved the characters & how this story offers a whole new layer to what we already know in ‘A New Hope’. So far I’ve seen the film twice but hoping to see it a third soon.

3.Rogue One showed a different side of the Alliance, a side that is more questionable, what did you think of that?
I loved it. It’s been alluded that there are certain rebel factions out there who are not quite the rebels as they have been portrayed in the Original Trilogy & step more into that grey area where their methods are on the extreme side & I really liked getting to see that. Added another layer to the Rebel Alliance.

4. Were you satisfied with how Rogue One ended and with the fact that all the main heroes died ?
I think I was. This is one of the aspects of the film that I am not entirely sure how I feelt one way or the other. I’m not one of those people that subscribe to the idea that if a character doesn’t show up in a film then that must mean they’re dead. I find that a little lazy in terms of the writing & doesn’t really embrace the idea that we’re dealing with a vast Galaxy. However I did like the concept that these rebels were making a huge sacrifice in service of something much greater than themselves & that their actions would bring hope back to the Galaxy in both the abstract & the physical with Luke Skywalker.

5. Rogue One brought back Tarkin to life with CGI and a young Leia at the end, what were your thoughts of this use of CGI ?
I really enjoyed it. I am okay with CGI characters especially at the level they can now use this technology so long as it’s in the service of the story & you really couldn’t have this story without our favourite Grand Moff.

6. About The Force Awakens, how do you think it connects with the two other trilogies ? Were you satisfied about this opening to the Sequel trilogy ?
Ultimately my feelings on The Force Awakens really depend on the next two films. As a beginning for a new Saga I felt it visually relied far too heavily on the Original Trilogy & in terms of expanding the Galaxy it did little to nothing for me but in terms of introducing new characters or re-introducing a few, I absolutely loved it. Rey, Kylo, Finn, Poe & Han Solo had amazing stories in that film & I’m really looking forward to Episode VIII to see what Luke is all about in this time frame & hopefully getting more on Leia too. I just hope Episode VIII really expands on the Galaxy much more with interesting new planets, technology & politics, particularly between what is going on with the New Republic, The Resistance & the First Order.

7. Do you have any theories about Rey’s parents ?
I’ve had a few but at this point I’m pretty much done with Rey theories & am just going to let Episode VIII tell me her story.

8. Do you think it is a good idea to have three different directors for the Sequel trilogy ? Or would you have preferred just one director for the three movies ?
I do think it’s a good idea as Star Wars as a franchise is so huge I’m not sure any one Director outside of George Lucas could handle directing an entire trilogy. So this gives each Director an opportunity to really focus in on their own part of the story with Kathleen Kennedy & the Lucasfilm Story Group making sure the entire trilogy feels cohesive.

9. What did you think of the portrayal of classic characters Han and Leia in The Force Awakens ? Did you think it was a good continuation of how the characters were in the Original Trilogy ?
I absolutely loved Han Solo in this film & really felt Harrison Ford gave it his all, in fact this was the movie that really made me fall in love with the character as portrayed on screen which I didn’t have so much in the Original Trilogy. I thought Leia was okay but I’d rather not say too much more on that as I don’t wish to upset people especially given Carrie Fisher’s passing. I have high hopes for Leia in Episode VIII however.

10. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in Star Wars Rebels ?
I love it all quite honestly but as someone who loves the mystical side of Star Wars, I do particularly love episodes where that is the focus.

11. About the Ghost crew, who is your favorite and who is the one you like the least ?
I find it really hard to answer that at this point as I really do love all of the Ghost Crew for different reasons but I’d say Zeb is my least favourite. I think as the series has gone on he’s had less & less to do & I think Season 3 might be that Lasat’s last. I don’t think all of the Ghost Crew will be escaping Thrawn alive & I think Zeb may be a casualty of the upcoming battle between Thrawn & our rebels.

12. Where do you think Ezra’s story is headed in the future seasons ?
Considering his name is Bridger and in Star Wars names have a meaning, what do you think he is supposed to bridge ? I think in an abstract sense he’s bridging the time period between the Prequel era & the Original Trilogy era by learning more about what happened before but not being tormented from having lived through it like Kanan or Rex have. Outside of that it’s a concept that is still full of potential. He could be the Bridge for bringing the rebel cells together which we’ve seen some examples of already or he may act as a bridge between the light & dark sides of the force as we’ve seen him use both & what that might means for his journey as a Jedi Padawan. Time will tell on that one I think!


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