Kallus fans before your heart stops, no he didn’t die in this episode, he’s still alive … at least for now. This new episode focused on Kallus and on Thrawn’s search for the identity of Fulcrum.

As usual Thrawn showed how a great schemer he was, slowly but surely planning to get Fulcrum and find the location of the rebel base. He also showed for the first time in the season his badass side – training with assassin droids and killing these droids when Kallus reprogrammed them. When and if Thrawn ever faces a rebel in a battle, I’m afraid that person won’t survive against him, yikes. I think the rebels have no idea what’s coming at them, when Thrawn unleashes all its might, it will be painful.

We got a special surprise apperance from Yularen, now Colonnel and head of the ISB, once again voiced by Tom Kane. It brought some The Clone Wars feels even though now Yularen is an Imperial and not a good guy anymore. However, his appearance as much as I liked it, fan service. There was no need for him to be there, all the more since he was there as a mere witness and did nothing in the investigation. The ISB could simply have sent an agent to watch Thrawn investigate. It’s Thrawn who did the whole job and it’s also Thrawn who figured out Kallus is Fulcrum. Yularen guessed it couldn’t be Lyste but didn’t know who it was. So yes, it was nice to have Yularen there, I like this character but it was not necessary.

About Kallus, Ezra, Kanan & co were there to rescue him but he decided to stay which in my opinion just signed his demise. Thrawn knows the truth and Kallus has no idea of it. Now, we know the Grand Admiral will use him to get to the rebel base and I have no doubt that once Thrawn gets what he wants he will kill Kallus and our rebel imperial agent won’t have an escape party this time. So Kallus doomed himself in a way, he had the choice to leave but he didn’t. But hopefully, I would hope that Kallus would do something to help the rebels before he dies. I liked a lot that Kallus got his own episode for once. He’s been there since day one and it was about time, we got an episode about him.

The Rex/Kanan team was there again, a dynamic duo that brings some fun but wasn’t much efficient against badass … Governor Price. She surely was up to the fight. I love seeing badass Imperial officers! AP-5 and Chopper duo continued to work but it will never reach the C-3PO and R2-D2 duo.

Ezra was there again, he’s the one they pick for team up with every character. He didn’t have the time to do much so he wasn’t that annoying which was a good thing.

The story was well written. There were really moments I wondered if Kallus could walk away from this. I found it interesting to have this type of investigation/escape plan episode. Plus having an episode entirely focused on the Imperials was first and something I would like to see again in the future!

8/10 A great episode rising the tension slowly leading to the end of the season.


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