“Secret Cargo” was an important episode for the series. It featured the first appearance of Mon Mothma in the show and Genevieve O’Reilly returned to play the character once again after recently being in Rogue One.

If you read the Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide, you probably heard about Mon Mothma’s speech at the Senate against Emperor Palpatine, which lead to be on the run and abandon her seat at the Senate to lead the Alliance. When I first read about it, I really wanted to hear this speech as I’m interested in this side of the story with Mon Mothma and Bail Organa and how they formed the rebellion … So I was obviously so excited to see that her speech was in this episode! This speech really showed Mon Mothma’s bravery, she knew she’d be a target by attacking the Emperor but she did it anyway, she did it to call for people to unite and stand against Palpatine. The episode couldn’t have started better than this!

It was up to the Ghost (Hera, Chopper, Zeb and Hera) to protect Mon Mothma and bring her on Dantooine to transmit her a call to unite the rebels on the Holonet. They received the help of Gold Squadron meaning we had Gold Leader, Dutch Vander in the episode! The Gold Squadron wasn’t as big as in Rogue One or in A New Hope but they had a few Y-wing starfighters. These pilots didn’t last long except for Dutch who survived obviously. Ezra got to pilot one of these Y-Wings again fighting along side Dutch escorting the Ghost. A big part of the episode took place outside and inside a nebula. These sequences were beautiful, lots of work done on the visuals, some of the best visuals we’ve seen in the series so far! And of course, the rebels were chased by the Empire who were using their prototype Tie Defender, quite deadly! This part of the episode could have totally been taken from a Star Wars video game – protecting a ship and make sure it reaches its destination.

So far, we only saw different rebel cells of the Rebellion but never saw a truly united front but with this episode we witnessed the proper creation of the Alliance To Restore The Republic at the end when all the different cells gathered on Dantooine after Mon Mothma’s call on the Holonet. The ending was spectacular – an inspiring speech by Mon Mothma and the rebel fleet gathering! I really see this episode as a turning point in the series because now the rebels are united, they’re showing they’re getting bigger and more organized! It promises great things to come, right now the rebels are on Dantooine so I think with season 4 we will definitely see the Alliance going to Yavin IV to build their base.

9/10 An amazing episode with Mon Mothma and some good space action!


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