[Review] Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid”

“Double Agent Droid” was written by Brent Friedman. I honestly think, this wasn’t the best moment to have this episode. It would have been better after “Warhead” as it would have been two episodes with the AP-5, Chopper duo while here it cut the pace of the last episodes that were really intense and important for the overall plot especially when we know what comes next as well.

It doesn’t mean that this episode was bad. It was definitely fun, there was a lot of humor brought by AP-5. Wedge, AP-5 and Chopper were sent on an ISB base to get clearance codes for Lothal in preparation of the rebel operation on the planet (strangely it was the first time they ever needed to get clearance codes for Lothal from the ISB) when Imperial spies took the opportunity to take control of Chopper in the hope he would lead them to the rebel base. Obviously, it didn’t work and these imperials died with their ship so no one knows they had Chopper or even were close to get the location of the base. So, this episode didn’t change anything for the Empire and their search for the base.
The chief Imperial spy was voiced by Josh Gad.

Him being controlled by the Imperials could have been a suspenseful event with the audience wondering if he would survive but we have seen him in Rogue One so there was nothing to ever worry about in this episode, we knew he wouldn’t die.

AP-5 was the star of the episode – the annoying droid who was actually right from the beginning, which brought many laughs. In many ways, he is similar to C-3PO, both are extremely irritating and also not very brave. AP-5 even got a singing moment in the middle of space at the end.

It was definitely nice to have Wedge on the mission, I hope that we would see him more next season!

An advice, don’t ever mess with Hera’s crew because she won’t be happy about it. She made the Imperials pay the price for taking control of Chopper, she sent a strong frequency back to them that blew up their ship and destroyed all the data they had. That’s badass for sure! And Chopper is probably stronger than any other droid, he was still in one piece after he transmitted that frequency.

6/10 A fun episode that brought a lot of laughs.


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