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Today, we’re reviewing the Death Trooper Specialist. He obviously has the big accessory but also his gun. About the gun, I don’t understand why Hasbro only gave this gun to the Death Troopers (and the blaster as well to the Black Series one) while in the movie, we also see the Specialists using a bigger riffle and it would have been nice to have it as an accessory as well instead of the big missile launcher that is not in the film. The gun is painted all in the same color without any details, it’s about the same as the Death Trooper figure that came with Pao in a 2-pack.

My biggest complain on this figure would be the visor on the side of the helmet. It’s not removable like the one on the Black Series Death Trooper. The thing is when you watch Rogue One and you take a look at the Specialists, most of them don’t have that visor unlike the normal Death Troopers so I wouldn’t call this figure quite screen accurate. The specialist equipment is not a “repack” of the one used for the Black Series one, it’s actually very different in the way that things are not placed exactly the same way and it feels a bit weird unfortunately. Apart from that for a 5POA, it’s a great figure definitely and it’s easy to army-build this one as it’s not an exclusive and it’s not part of a 2-pack! The rest of the figure is quite accurate and has good paint apps, which is very important. If you can’t get the Black Series one, this one is the one to go with for sure.

Here’s a comparison with the Death Trooper and the Black Series Death Trooper. You can see that the Specialist is not just a repack of the basic Death Trooper, the paint apps are definitely different especially on the helmet, it looks better.


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