It is now official, season 4 is the last season of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni made the announcement during the panel at Star Wars Celebration. All things must come to an end one day and it’s time for Rebels. This season will surely deliver great things and give us a beautiful conclusion to this series and it’s ending on Filoni’s own terms not like it was for The Clone Wars.

During the panel, a trailer for the final season was revealed and it’s amazing! You can watch it below:

Saw Gerrera is back with his look much more closer to how he is in Rogue One. As we knew it already Bo-Katan will be appearing this season in the Mandalorians episodes, which promise to be epic! Kallus is getting a new look, rebel costume! The X-Wing will also show up along with the rebel base on Yavin. Thrawn is there again. We will be heading back to Lothal but other planets too. The U-Wings are also finally showing up in the series. There is so many things in this trailer!

The panel itself also gave new details concerning the season!
As we knew it already, Mon Mothma will be back and they showed a picture of her on Yavin base!

Along with Saw, another character from Rogue One is appearing – his friend Edrio Two Tubes:

Warwick Davis is joining the cast to voice Ruhk/Rook, Thrawn’s bodyguard:

And some other images from this season:


3 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels Final Season Trailer

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m such a huge fan and I’m always greedy for more little tidbits. I’ve been having a StarWars-tastic week! Yesterday I finished the “May the fourth be with you” display at the library where I work, and today I found your blog.


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