I’m reviewing the French edition of Rogue One on blu-ray.

The Blu-Ray 4/5
The French version has a different slipcover than the US version. The slipcover here is the IMAX poster, which I think is great considering Galen Erso is also on the picture and despite not having a lot of screentime, he was an important character in the movie. When you remove the slipcover, it is the same cover as the US – it’s the same picture as one of the Asian posters. It’s actually a good choice to have put this one on the cover because I think it was an amazing poster even better than the one we got in the US and France. It’s a basic blu-ray, they could have done something better on that part like Warner Bros had done for the LOTR and Hobbit movies. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t do that much.
There two discs – one is the movie and the other contains the bonus features.

Audio 5/5
If you watch the movie in its original language (English) it is in DTS-HD 7.1, which is absolutely perfect a stereo system. I watched it yesterday and it felt like being in the cinema again. French language is in DTS-HD High Res Audio, not as best but that’s not really important, what matters is to hear the real dialogues and the real voices of the characters and not a incorrect translation with some strange voices.

Video 5/5
Watching movies on blu-ray is the ultimate experience at home. It’s the perfect high quality. Colors, details, it’s all at their best. It’s simply gorgeous, the textures are excellent, it’s the way it’s meant to be watched.

The Movie 5/5
For the movie itself, you can read the review had done when it was released in cinemas here.

Extras 3/5
That’s the problem with Disney – the bonus features. The featurettes are very interesting, it’s worth watching. There are a lot of things to learn but it’s not enough, there should be more of it. And I would have loved to have a gallery of never-before-seen concept arts. The big surprise is that there are no deleted/alternative scenes, that’s strange but it’s Gareth Edwards’s choice so I respect it.

Overall 4.5/5
Despite being a simple blu-ray and not having a big amount of bonus, Rogue One is a must have for the fans of the saga!


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