Forces of Destiny: “BB-8 Bandits”

Like yesterday, the new short of Forces of Destiny got an exclusive debut on a website. This time it is on the French website CNEWS Matin.

This short acts as a follow-up of “Sands of Jakku.” It features once again BB-8 and Rey along with their new creature friend. This time, Rey and her new droid companion are hunted by Teedo, who in The Force Awakens had captured BB-8 but had to let him go when Rey came to his rescue.

CNEWS Matin gave some details about the broadcasting of the series. In France, the first eight episodes will air on Disney Channel on July 15 and in September the channels Disney Cinéma and Disney XD will air the episodes again. Concerning the final eight episodes, they will be released the same way this Fall.

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