The Last Jedi: Plenty Of New Details From The Databank

The official Star Wars Databank has been updated with planets and characters from The Last Jedi, giving us plenty of new details and a brand new image of the planet Crait!


Now uninhabited, Crait is a mineral world dusted by a layer of white salt, reflecting the planet’s sunlight. It was once the site of a Rebel Alliance outpost, and has become a haven for the fleeing Resistance forces.


An older design pre-dating the Rebel Alliance, these low-altitude, high power ski speeders use a stabilizer strut to keep balance when zipping across alien terrain.


As the Supreme Leader of the First Order, Snoke stood atop an evil regime that mirrored many of the dark traditions of the Galactic Empire. As a striking example, Snoke was flanked by crimson-clad guardians, loyal protectors encased in the ornate armor ready to defend the Supreme Leader from any threat.


Now reinforced with new combat craft, the Resistance fleet dispatches hardy bombers into battle with the First Order fleet. Escorted by swift starfighters, these munitions-laden carrier ships drop powerful proton bombs onto their Star Destroyer targets.


The First Order benefits from the latest technology across all its activities. This includes having dark, gleaming BB astromech units of their own that keep their starships and machinery operational.


Rolling about the hangar bays of outposts and capital ships, or snug in the astromech sockets of X-wing fighters, BB units work tirelessly to keep the weapons and vessels of the Resistance in top combat condition.

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner

The First Order can only operate effectively with the absolute loyalty of its followers. Should any soldier be found guilty of treason, it is up to this special branch of Stormtrooper to dispense final justice.


Small, flat-muzzled avians that flock about the rocks and roost in the cliffs of Luke Skywalker’s secluded island, porgs are inquisitive creatures.

AT-M6 Walker

Lumbering armored beasts that are the latest generation in walkers, these enormous transports help the First Order secure the worlds of their expanding territories.


Part of the support crew that keeps the Resistance starfighters flying, Rose has hated the First Order since she was a child. Now able to fight back against the enemy, Rose keeps her focus on her mission.


The Last Jedi: Two New Ships Revealed

After the reveal of the new First Order walker and a new cruiser, now it’s time for Snoke’s cruiser to be revealed! Its name is The Supremacy, it is a massive ship of 60 kilometers in length (bigger than Darth Vader’s Executor in the Original Trilogy) and it is the only one of its kind! And I have to say it is a better design than the other cruiser that was revealed. The cruiser is located in the Unknown Regions in order to keep it hidden.

And thanks to Andy, we have our first look at the main command bridge of Snoke’s cruiser:

Next is a new Resistance ship revealed through the same app, it’s called The Raddus. It looks like a Mon Calamari Cruiser like the ones we have seen in Return Of The Jedi but a bit reworked. What is interesting is that the description states that it was one of the last cruisers to be built before the disarmament between the Empire and the New Republic and we know the Republic fleet has had heavy losses in The Force Awakens so I’m not sure if the Resistance will have much more cruisers than this one. And since the ship was retired from being used as part of the New Republic fleet, we can understand how it got into the hands of the Resistance.
The name is familiar, could it be in honor of Admiral Raddus from Rogue One?