I just finished reading Star Wars Phasma and I have plenty of things to say about it, it took me just a few days to read it. This book is written by Delilah S. Dawson. Phasma was first introduced in The Force Awakens but she barely had any screen time there. However, it seems that with The Last Jedi, she will have a bigger role, which is something I’m very excited about. I immediately loved the character in TFA, this chrome armor was really badass and this novel gave us her story of how she came to be this Captain of the First Order. If you love Phasma, this novel is for you!

The interesting thing about Phasma’s story is that it’s a character who tells what happened according to what another character told her and during the novel, we learn that Vi Moraldi, the Resistance spy who tells Phasma’s story has embellished some parts of the story. So we’re not exactly getting the story as it happened but what these characters wanted us to know about her. Therefore, even knowing who this chrome warrior, there is still a part of mystery that remains and it elevates Phasma’s past to a legend or a tale. Having this story told this way is actually a good fit for such a character.

We learned more about the First Order as well and how it works to rise in higher ranks. Without surprise, it’s similar to how the Empire did, officers murdering each other. By the end of the book, it is mentioned that Phasma did kill people to get higher up in the FO hierarchy but the one murder that has an important place in the book is – Brendol Hux. It’s a character I’ve waited since his first introduction in the Star Wars books and I think he got the fate he deserves – killed by Phasma using a very painful method (a dangerous gold beetle from her home planet) with the approval of his son Armitage Hux, the General Hux we know from The Force Awakens! On a scale from 1 to 100 how messed up is the Hux family? 200 for sure! The more we know about the Hux family, the more I feel like they’re even more dangerous than Tarkin was.

But the more dangerous character in all this is Phasma. She is as deadly as it gets. Obviously, there are reasons to that. When we look at when she is from – Parnassos, it’s killed or be killed and no one wants be killed. Parnassos is basically Hell. This planet is so horrible that it’s not enjoyable to live there, or at least to live in the part where Phasma and her family lived. What happened on Parnassos reminded me a lot of The Scorch Trials movie/book (from The Maze Runner series). It had this crazy world/impossible place to live/desolation feel, that I really love. The events happening there are at times extremely violent and because of this, I think the novel was the best way to tell this story, a film or tv show medium would have been impossible to watch at times, it would have had to be rated-R and Star Wars is not a rated-R universe. The fight in the Arena against Wranderous or the way the body disintegrate when beaten by a gold beetle is truly atrocious and violent. With the novel, there is no real problem for it to be violent. If there is one thing to know about Phasma is that she will do whatever it takes to survive even leading her entire family to their death. I said there are reasons to the way she acted but it has its limits because Phasma is a real monster, with everything she did. And she made sure that no one stays alive to tell what she is capable of doing or at least she thought so because Siv is still alive and told everything to Vi but that Phasma doesn’t know. Does this character have a heart? It’s difficult to tell. Is it possible to justify all the horrible things she has done and had let happen for her sole survival? It’s hardly possible to justify this and I think that’s exactly what makes Captain Phasma a fearsome villain – she is as deadly as it gets. And even Armitage Hux shoud be afraid that one day she could kill him or betray the First Order in order to suit her needs. Knowing this, I really look forward to see where her story is going with the rest of the Sequel Trilogy.

There are other characters to talk about in this book – Captain Cardinal and Vi Moraldi. Captain Cardinal is a First Order stormtrooper with a red armor, that’s badass. He is an orphan from Jakku. He trains the young recruits before they are sent to Phasma to complete their training. He is the contrary of who she is. He is someone who has loyalty but he has also been brainwashed by the lies of the First Order. However, beyond that, he is still human and the way he ends up treating Moraldi proves it. Eventually, it’s his uncontrolled hate that leads Cardinal to his fall. Whether he manages to live is a mystery. He is wounded by a blade using poison but considering Moraldi is taking him to the medbay where Siv lives, he still has a chance to survive. That’s where I felt like this book needs a sequel to tell what happens next to Cardinal, Moraldi, Siv and her child. If Cardinal survives, there’s the possibility that he joined the Resistance and that would be interesting! At the beginning, I hated Cardinal but the more we got to know him, the more I started to appreciate him and understand who he was. As for Vi Moraldi, I love her! She is a strong female character and I always say yes to more strong female characters in Star Wars! She got a great personality that suits a spy, it would be nice seeing more stories about her being told!

8.5/10 Delilah S. Dawson has delivered a great book delving into Phasma’s past at the same time exciting and terrifying. Dawson’s writing style is smooth and easy to read, which made the book a pleasure to read! She created great characters like Moraldi, Siv and Cardinal while at the same time developing already existing characters in a brilliant way!


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