Star Wars Rebels Season 3 On Blu-Ray & DVD August 29

The announcement arrived today during the Star Wars Show, the complete third season of Star Wars Rebels will be released on blu-ray and DVD August 29! The cover is absolutely amazing, I think it’s one of the best cover that has been done!

For the bonus as always, the blu-ray will have additional bonus features, here’s the list:

Return To Mandalore
Explore where Mandalore fits within the Empire’s regime – and whether Sabine can unite her people against the Imperial forces.

Thrawn: A Legend Reborn
Learn Thrawn’s significance in Star Wars lore, and what the future may hold for this memorable villain.

Apprentices to Outcasts: Kenobi And Maul
Track two adversaries who’ve clashed throughout Star Wars history, and find out why the time was right to conclude their story.

The Original Rebel: Saw Gerrera Returns – Extended
Meet the Original Rebel. This exclusive extended version features Forest Whitaker discussing the character he brings to life in both Rebels and Rogue One.

Five Audio Commentaries
Featuring Dave Filoni (Executive Producer), Justin Ridge (Supervising Director), Kilian Plunkett (Art Director), Keith Kellogg (Animation Supervisor) and Joel Aron (CG Supervisor: Lighting & FX)

All DVD Bonus (see below)


A Rebel Alliance
Discover how the formation of the Rebel Alliance in Rebels ties into the Rogue One timeline – and the exciting story possibilities that lie ahead for season 4.

Rebels Recon
Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew in 19 entertaining and information-packed episode recaps!

Disc Specifications:
Format: Blu-ray (3-Disc) & DVD (4-Disc)
Rating: TVY7 FV; CE: PG; CF: G (Bonus Material Not Rated)
Run Time: Approximately 485 minutes (not including bonus)
Closed Captioned: Yes
Aspect Ratio: 1:78 (Widescreen)
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Languages/Subtitles: English, French, German & Spanish

Forces of Destiny: Premiere Date Revealed

Forces of Destiny will debut on July 3rd on, which means next week. A trailer was released along with the announcement. It really looks promising and it looks like we’re going to get some surprises like the return of bounty hunter Cato Parasitti from The Clone Wars and Sabine working with Leia! A new short will premiere online everyday day at 10 a.m. PT, until with their broadcast debut on Disney Channel on July 9. Merchandise like books, toys, apparel will be released starting August 1.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny, an original series of animated shorts which explore the untold stories that helped shape the destinies of Rey, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano and others.


Han Solo Anthology: Ron Howard Named New Director

Yesterday, we told you that Deadline reported that Ron Howard was on the top of the list to replace Lord and Miller as director of the untitled Han Solo movie. Now the official site has confirmed it!

Here’s what Kathleen Kennedy said in her statement:
“At Lucasfilm, we believe the highest goal of each film is to delight, carrying forward the spirit of the saga that George Lucas began forty years ago. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that Ron Howard will step in to direct the untitled Han Solo film. We have a wonderful script, an incredible cast and crew, and the absolute commitment to make a great movie. Filming will resume the 10th of July.”

Ron Howard has some connections with George Lucas, they are great friends! He was in Lucas’s movie American Graffiti and directed Willow so he is not new to the world of Lucasfilm. Before Lucas decided to direct himself The Phantom Menace, he had approached Howard for the job. I think Kathleen Kennedy made a great choice picking Ron Howard. I’m a big fan of his movies (like The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Far And Away, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind …, if you haven’t seen them, they’re worth watching!) and I’m sure he will be able to give us an amazing Han Solo movie.

The Last Jedi: New Trailer Coming Soon

The BBFC in the UK has listed a new trailer for The Last Jedi! It classified it PG and the running time is 1m31s, which means 30 seconds shorter than our first look at the movie back in April.

Now the question is, when will this trailer be released? We know there will be a Star Wars presence at D23 and most likely at SDCC too so it got to be at either one of these events. Both are taking place in July so it’s just in a few weeks away, we just have to be patient.

Han Solo Anthology: Lord & Miller Fired

It came as a big surprise when Lucasfilm made the announcement that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go by Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy. In the statement, Kennedy explains a problem of creative vision between the directors and her and her team.

“Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled an incredible cast and crew, but it’s become clear that we had different creative visions on this film, and we’ve decided to part ways. A new director will be announced soon. Unfortunately, our vision and process weren’t aligned with our partners on this project. We normally aren’t fans of the phrase ‘creative differences’ but for once this cliché is true. We are really proud of the amazing and world-class work of our cast and crew.”

“A new director will be announced soon” I think it suggests they already have picked someone. According to Deadline, Ron Howard is at the top of the list. However, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Furthermore, according to Anthony Breznican, Lucasfilm said the movie is still on course for a May 2018 release.

I truly believe in Kathleen Kennedy. She fired Lord and Miller for very good reasons and she was right to do so. She has been in the movie business for so long, she knows what she is doing, there is nothing to worry about. What she does, she does it to protect Star Wars.

There isn’t much to worry about really. Trust in the Force.

The Last Jedi: New Leaked Images

The Facebook page Templo Jedi Aztlan has revealed some leaked images revealing the design of new characters!

The first picture is one of Snoke’s Praetorian Guards, unlike the Emperor’s Royal Guards, it looks like these ones will get some action!

Then, we have a new First Order Trooper. It looks very much like one of the Executioner troopers Making Star Wars talked about except this one is red meaning he could be an officer.

The last two pictures give us a better look at the new First Order walker, it looks very much like a Gorilla and better armed than its predecessor the AT-AT, it has a big cannon! This new walker is called the AT-M6!

The Last Jedi: New Photos From Vanity Fair

With their portfolio, Vanity Fair has given us great pictures of the characters from The Last Jedi! VF has always done amazing photoshoots of this saga since The Phantom Menace!

These first photos feature Rey with Luke and Chewbacca. We can notice Luke is wearing a glove covering his mechanical hand.

The Resistance photo show us another costume for Leia while Finn is basically wearing Poe’s outfit from the opening scene of The Force Awakens, only the color of the pants is changing. Poe Dameron is halfway between what he had in The Force Awakens and Han Solo costume. Rose Tico being a technician of the Resistance has a fitting outfit!

For those who hadn’t noticed at the end of The Force Awakens, C-3PO got back his old golden arm and his look for The Last Jedi is now the same as in Revenge of the Sith – entirely golden, no silver leg!

This one is a wonderful photo featuring Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher along with the dogs we all love Gary and Millie! We can notice behind them what may be a spaceship.

These are two beautiful photos of Carrie Fisher with her daughter Billie Lourd and with Mark Hamill.

This photo offers a look at how Captain Phasma is without her helmet and it’s frightening! She is also getting a new weapon for the movie! Hux hasn’t changed much but Kylo Ren has a brand new look that is reminiscent of the original concept art design for Anakin in Revenge of the Sith!