[Review] Star Wars Last Shot

Star Wars Last Shot is a Han and Lando novel written by Daniel José Older. This book serves as a tie-in with the release of Solo A Star Wars Story, like Phasma with The Last Jedi or Catalyst with Rogue One. Unlike Catalyst, I don't think Last Shot really gives big additional backstory for the … Continue reading [Review] Star Wars Last Shot


[Review] Poe Dameron Vol.3 : Legend Lost

Poe Dameron volume 3 includes issue 7 and issues from 14 to 19. Issue 7 wasn't related to the previous volume hence why it was put there as it connected to the storyline from this volume with one character - Suralinda Javos. She was a friend of Poe, I really liked this character - a … Continue reading [Review] Poe Dameron Vol.3 : Legend Lost

The best of Star Wars in 2016

2016 has been an eventful year, it was the release of the first anthology/spinoff movie, another season of rebels, the filming of Episode VIII, Star Wars Celebration Europe, new comics, new novels, so many great things. Here's our ranking: 10. Galaxy Of Heroes - Spaceships expansion Along with bringing us many new characters to play, … Continue reading The best of Star Wars in 2016

[Review] Star Wars: Catalyst A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst is written by James Luceno and it is a prequel to the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The novel focuses mainly on the Ersos (Galen and Lyra, Jyn's parents) and Orson Krennic. It also stars other characters like Tarkin, Poggle The Lesser, Mas Amedda and Saw Gerrera. As the cover suggests, the … Continue reading [Review] Star Wars: Catalyst A Rogue One Novel