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[Review] The Last Jedi: S.H. Figuarts Praetorian Guard (Double Blade)

You can see the full gallery on our facebook page here.

Today’s S.H. Figuarts review is the Praetorian Guard (Double Blade) that was released the end of November. It’s the first Praetorian Guard released by S.H. Figuarts, the second will be released at the end of the week and the third in December.

This figure has plenty of accessories – the double blade attached, the double blade separated, the whip and the sword (each Praetorian Guard will have the whip and the sword along with their respective regular weapon) and four interchangeable hands. I’m in love with the design of these guards, there is warrior/samourai feel to it that I think is badass. Unlike the Imperial Royal Guards, these ones their costume feels like they can fit and they are intimating. S.H. Figuarts was able to transcribe this on perfection and the shiny red of the armor is there just like on the promotional photos from the movie. It’s screen accurate! And despite how their body armor is made, the articulation is still very good, there are no problems there like on the Hasbro version. The thing I would have changed was the skirt, this one is in plastic so it’s not as easy to move the legs as it is with a fabric skirt. But apart from that, it works well. So this is definitely a must-have figure!

Each one has a different helmet and the Double Blade Guard has this strange helmet but really cool one!

Here’s some pictures of the figure with the different weapons:

In terms of size, the figure is about as tall as the First Order Stormtrooper:


[Review] The Last Jedi: S.H. Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper

You can see the full gallery on our facebook page here.

Like Captain Phasma, the First Order Stomtrooper figure is not a repack of The Force Awakens figure, it’s a new one. First the accessories, it has the same interchangeable hands and blaster but it also has three interchangeable pauldrons (black, white and red) along with two blaster pistols (one that can be attached to his leg and the other that he can hold in his hand, just like Figuarts did with Phasma). The big change from this new stormtrooper is the helmet, in The Last Jedi the stormmtropers have mouthpiece that is closer to the Imperial stormtroopers. I’m not sure if this was a necessary change but it’s good and I think it makes them look even more menacing.

To change the pauldrons, it’s simple – you take the head off and replace the pauldron and then put the head back into ball joint neck articulation.

Like Phasma, the munitions pocket on the belt can move allowing a greater articulation and he has just like her 20 points of articulation. For First Order fans, it’s an easy army build. I’ve always been a fan of Stormtroopers with pauldrons so for me this one is a must-buy! The problem with Figuarts when it comes to First Order Stomtroopers is that they don’t give them all the accessories, they split it and release several times the trooper with different accessories. For The Force Awakens, there were 3 different troopers – one normal, one with the Heavy Gunner gear and one with the Riot control gear. For The Last Jedi, they were smart to do only one by including the three pauldrons with it instead of releasing three different ones with one pauldron per trooper. However, I think they could have included the accessories from the Heavy Gunner and Riot Control as well to make an ultimate Stormtrooper figure but I’m satisfied enough to have the pauldrons so that’s good. I can only recommend this figure.

Here’s a shot of comparison with The Force Awakens version:

Next review will be the Praetorian Guard (Double Blade). I haven’t got the October bundle so it will be only one review.

[Review] The Last Jedi: S.H. Figuarts Captain Phasma

You can see the full gallery on our facebook page here.

Let’s just say it right away this – S.H. Figuarts Captain Phasma is an awesome figure! It’s not just a repack from The Force Awakens version, it’s quite different. First of all the accessories – she has her spear from The Last Jedi, with two additional interchangeable hands to hold it but also the spear when it’s retracted that she can hold in her hands but also attach to her belt. She also has a blaster pistol, that can be attached to her leg and one she can hold in her hands. So for the spear and the blaster, it’s great that there are two of them each time, so that when she is holding it you don’t see the additional plastic that is added to attach it to the belt or leg. That’s a big thumb up compared to what Hasbro and MAFEX are doing with accessories. Along with these, Phasma also has her normal blaster and other interchangeable hands.

The big improvement from The Force Awakens version is her armor. This time, Figuarts made it chrome and shiny like it was supposed to be. She looks a lot more screen accurate. The munitions pockets she has on her belt can also move, giving the figure more possibilities for poses, the legs are not limited in terms of articulation. With S.H. Figuarts, you can only expect the best for articulation, this one has 20 points of articulation, which is a lot!

Figuarts doesn’t seem to be fond of fabric so Phasma’s cape is in plastic and that’s too bad because it limits her right arm’s articulation, you can’t move it the way you want but I don’t think it’s much of a problem.

The only problem that Figuarts hasn’t fixed from the previous version of this figure is the height. Phasma is supposed to be tall but the figure is just slightly taller than a basic Stormtrooper. So in terms of accuracy, it’s not all good. I was disappointed by that but because it’s I would say almost perfect on all the rest of the figure, I can excuse Figuarts for the height inaccuracy. So far in the 6 inch lines, Figuarts has given us the best Phasma figure with this one, so I won’t complain much!

[Review] The Last Jedi: S.H. Figuarts BB-9E

You can see the full gallery on our facebook page here.

For my first S.H. Figuarts review, I decided to start with BB-9E, the new First Order droid from The Last Jedi! This figure is only available as part of the September bundle that includes Captain Phasma and the new First Order Stormtrooper, it’s a bonus for people who preordered the set. There is a droid with each bundle for The Last Jedi figures. So if you buy only Captain Phasma or just the Stormtrooper, you won’t get BB-9E.

BB-9E has a little base to help stand without rolling, which is something Hasbro didn’t think about giving us when releasing BB-8. And the Figuarts droid is even more difficult to make stand on its own than the Hasbro one so a base is more than welcome! About the droid, I really like the paint app, it fits the First Order’s colors and it’s nice to see that it’s not just a repaint of BB-8 but he has a different head. The head can move about the same as Hasbro’s BB-8 and that’s about it. They are actually the same size, more or less so they can be put together, it won’t be shocking. Here’s a picture for comparison:

I think this BB-9E is a good bonus for preordering the September bundle set, it’s better they offer it this way than selling it as a proper figure as it’s small.

S.H. Figuarts: The Last Jedi Figures Announced

Along with the new design for the site that has been installed today, I have decided that from now on I will be covering the news on the S.H. Fguarts Star Wars figures, I will also post reviews as new items are getting released.

For my first post about S.H. Figuarts, I will talk about The Last Jedi figures that were announced during Force Friday II. In total 8 figures were announced! These figures are going to be released 2 per month starting this month until December when the movie is released, it’s a great schedule that builds the hype for the movie. The schedule goes as follow:

Captain Phasma
First Order Stormtrooper w/ Pauldrons

Elite Praetorian Guard (Double Blade)
First Order Stormtrooper Executioner

Kylo Ren
Elite Praetorian Guard (Heavy Blade)

Rey (Jedi Training)
Elite Praetorian Guard (Whip Staff)

Along with these figures, there are preorder bundles for each month offering four BB-units figures – BB-9E, BB-2, BB-8 and BB-4. Some bundles are still available on AmiAmi, so if you want one you should probably hurry.

It seems that in every brand, the Elite Praetorian Guards have a big place in merchandising and I like it. I love their design, they’re like the Imperial Royal Guards but in a more action outfit so I expect them to get some good action scenes this December! And unlike for Rogue One, Figuarts has decided to release named characters with Rey and Kylo and not just troopers.

For the troopers, the First Order Stormtrooper with pauldrons is not exactly a repack from the The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper. It is an updated. He has The Last Jedi helmet, the difference is the mouth piece. He also has the three different pauldrons – the red, the white and the black. In terms of weapons, he will have the blaster and the blaster pistol that can be attached to his leg. For the interchangeable hands, it will be the same as the TFA version.

About Phasma, this time Figuarts has done her armor chrome. In terms of accessories, she will also have her blaster, a blaster pistol, her spear and a some sort of small knife or mini spear (new weapons she is getting in TLJ).

The Elite Praetorian Guards will all have the sword and whip with them and each one will have their specific weapon as well – double blade, heavy blade, whip staff, plus obviously interchangeable hands.

For Rey and Kylo Ren faces, Figuarts will be using the digital face printing, a technique they have been using with all their figures and that gives a really realistic result and also avoid paint apps problems like in the Hasbro lines. In terms of accessories, Rey will have her blaster, Anakin’s lightsaber hilt and the lightsaber with the blade on, plus a satchel. For Ren, he will have his helmet, his lightsaber with the blade on and one with just the hilt. However, he won’t have his cape as seen on the Vanity Fair cover photoshoot. If Figuarts didn’t include it, I think it may mean that Kylo won’t have his cape much in the movie, at least it would be my guess.

If you want to see all the promotional pictures that were released for these figures, go check the album we made on our facebook page!

If you live in Japan and were able to go to Force Friday II events there, you may have already been able to get Phasma and the First Order Stormtrooper, plus see with your own eyes the upcoming figures on display and looking at the photos posted on facebook, it looks like Figuarts has done another amazing job!

Let us know in the comments, if you are going to pick some of these awesome figures!