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The Last Jedi Receives 4 Oscar Nominations

The nominations for the Oscars have been announced and The Last Jedi was nominated four times, which is great news!

  • Original Score
  • Sound Mixing
  • Sound Editing
  • Visual Effects

Box Office: The Last Jedi Has Topped $1 Billion

The Last Jedi has topped the $1 billion bar yesterday being now at $1.04B, what a great way to end the year at box office. But that’s not the only great news, the total domestic gross is now at $517 million, meaning The Last Jedi is the biggest domestic box office release of 2017! You can expect the movie to do a lot more next week with China where it will be opening on January 5!

The movie has become the #1 movie of the year in France ($45.6M) as well as in UK ($91M), Germany ($62M) and several European countries. I saw the movie fifth times so far and every time the cinema was full so this just proves how well the movie is doing in France!

Box Office: The Last Jedi Becomes 2nd Highest Grossing of 2017 in the US

The Last Jedi just unseated Wonder Woman as the 2nd highest grossing movie of 2017 at the US box office with $423.7 million, (WW had grossed $412.6M). The first for 2017 in the US is still Beauty and the Beast with $504M but it’s highly likely that before December 31, The Last Jedi beats that score.

Worldwide, the movie has crossed the $800 million in just two weeks, the billion is not far away and the movie has yet to be released in China.

Box Office: The Last Jedi Crosses $700M Worldwide and $300M In The US

The Last Jedi continues to shine at the box office it has now grossed $745 million worldwide, crossing the $600 million bar in less than a week! In the US it is now at $365 million!

Over the Holiday weekend, the movie is projected to win the box office in the US with $110 million and staying number one for a second week. It earned $24.7 million on Friday while Jumanji only grossed $12.4 million. And it is project to do another $32 million on Monday!

In Europe, the UK is the top market for the movie with $67.4 million followed by Germany with $40 million and France with $29.3 million!

Box Office: The Last Jedi Had The Best Opening Of The Year

It’s with no surprise that The Last Jedi had the best opening of 2017 in the US and worldwide soaring to a total of $450 million! With Star Wars you can always expect the best! It was also the second highest opening of all time at the US Box office with $220 million, the first one being The Force Awakens with $248 million.

The Last Jedi opened in 4,232 cinemas in North America. On Friday it made $104.8 million (including $45 million from Thursday preview night screenings). On Saturday it made $64 million and on Sunday $51.3 million for a total of $220 million for three days.

In the United Kingdom it made $10.2 million for its opening, which was big and in France $6 million which was the best opening of the year as well.

The Last Jedi is already a huge success!

SOURCE: Variety

The Last Jedi Spoiler Free Review

The Last Jedi was released yesterday in France and without surprise it was the best opening of 2017 there with 13 190 tickets sold in Paris!

I saw it two times yesterday. I wanted to think a little bit about it before writing my review to have my mind clear from the hype and really think about the movie itself and see my reaction afterward compared to my first reaction to it. And I can definitely say The Last Jedi was an amazing movie and I rank it among my top four favorite Star Wars movies, not at the first place (which is held by Revenge of the Sith) but somewhere between second and fourth, I’m quite sure yet. One thing I know is I was mind-blown by this movie and all its surprises. Even on my second viewing I was still impressed by all its twists and turns and still surprised by all of it! The Force Awakens was relying a lot on nostalgia while this one was all about going to unexplored places and going deeper into the characters. Rian Johnson took a lot of risks on a narrative level and for me it paid off because it’s exactly what I wanted that the movie goes into unknown grounds. I don’t necessarily agree with all the choices made but I love that Johnson took these risks because I love the unexpected. To quote Luke “This is not going to go the way you think” and The Last Jedi was exactly that. I won’t say much about it as I don’t want to spoil the movie for the people who haven’t seen it yet. This movie is best experienced if you don’t know anything about it when seeing it for the first time.

About the characters, we are introduced to some new ones like Vice Admiral Holdo, DJ and Rose. Holdo and DJ were the two characters I was looking forward to see the most on screen and I wasn’t disappointed, I loved them! Benicio Del Toro was perfectly suited for this role, it was nice to see a shady character like DJ and though I feel like some are going to him, I loved this character! Holdo, I loved her as well, Laura Dern was ravishing and wonderful. In terms of costume, Holdo was reminiscent of the Prequels/senator look while being a military/strategist. I liked that secretive side of this character and how in the end we saw who she really was, it was beautiful! Seeing Holdo’s action, you could really tell Leia was her mentor. Now about Rose, if I’m being honest I wasn’t interested in her character before seeing the movie but I was so wrong, I loved Rose she was an amazing character and I think she was a symbol of what it means to resist against tyranny, she had such a great heart and I really can’t wait to see more of her in Episode IX. Kelly Marie Tran is the new breakout star from this movie!

For the characters introduced in The Force Awakens, they all got to be developed and Rian Johnson went further in the storylines. Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Poe Dameron got to be tested in the hardest way. All were put in desperate situations and it was great to see how they got through them. Adam Driver had some of the best acting in the movie, it wasn’t an easy task what he had to do, there was a lot of emotions in his character much like Anakin Skywalker in the Prequels and how Hayden Christensen perfectly nailed it. I do believe Driver deserves an Oscar for his performance on The Last Jedi because it was outstanding! Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac too delivered amazing performances but Driver’s was the one with more layers. I obviously can’t say too much about the characters as it would be spoilers. But I’d say this – you are going to be surprised! Maz Kanata even made a small cameo in the movie.

Phasma and Hux were maybe where I was disappointed, at least especially for Phasma. We got an awesome novel and comics about her and were teased that she’d have a bigger role in the movie but it turned out she was there for ten minutes (maybe even less). So yes, she had a bigger role than in The Force Awakens but she was so background, she did get to fight but she didn’t do a lot of things. It was a character with great potential that was wasted in my opinion. And when it comes to Hux, he appeared as fanatic in The Force Awakens but in The Last Jedi he was a joke.

Fans wanted to know more about Snoke, well the movie provided more screen time for the character. It didn’t answer some of the fans questions but it did show how powerful was Snoke and there was many parallels to be made with Darth Sidious, their arrogance are through the roof. Although, Snoke was not a Sith, he was very powerful with the Dark Side of the Force and we saw him do some pretty badass things. Andy Serkis did once again a great job with motion capture! Speaking of Snoke, we got to see his Praetorian Guards and unlike the Royal Imperial Guards, we saw these guys fight. There was one scene in the movie where they all get to fight and it was quite explosive. The Praetorian Guards were quite impressive, I’d say it was as badass as it gets.

Now to finish with the characters – Luke and Leia. When I was a kid, I wasn’t a fan of Luke, I was all about Han and Leia when it came to the heroes in the Original Trilogy (in the Prequels I loved everyone) so despite being very happy to get to see Luke again on the big screen, I didn’t have much expectations about him. I think it helped because I loved him in The Last Jedi, he was so different from the Original Trilogy, it was like discovering this character again. If you expect to see Luke like he was before, you’ll be disappointed. In this movie, he was not like Rey had expected, he was not the legend she wanted him to be, he was different. But there was a very good reason to it. Why he went to Ahch-To and cut himself from the galaxy? Well, it was all answered and I think Rian Johnson found the best possible answer to that question. Even there, he got some huge character development that I can’t really talk about because – spoilers and that was a crucial part of the movie. Mark Hamill was phenomenal, simply phenomenal!

Leia, oh Leia, it was difficult for me seeing Carrie Fisher on screen knowing it was the very last time we are seeing her in this role. I couldn’t hold the tears, it was so emotional seeing her one last time. Carrie may be gone, but she’ll forever be in our hearts and this movie was the best tribute they could have made to her. Carrie gave us one last performance as Leia and this final performance was magnificent.

Having talked about the characters, I want to say a few things about the story. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. There was never a dull moment, there was always something happening with surprises and twists and turns. Even the part on Canto Bight that I thought would be boring wasn’t at all. It was quite entertaining but also had two scenes that I want to mention without going too much into details. These two scenes, you’ll know them when you see the movie were a refection of the behind the scenes of war, of all wars and the sad truth about it. I think it was important to talk about this aspect of war, it added some depth and reminded me of some episodes from The Clone Wars. During the Canto Bight sequence, be careful Leftovers fans, Justin Theroux makes a cameo! To go back to war, it was an essential theme of this movie and you could feel the cost of it through the characters’s state of mind and also the tone used, the oppressive/desperate atmosphere in many scenes. Overall, The Last Jedi had a dark tone on the level of Rogue One and Revenge of the Sith. It also managed to have some nice humorous moments that lightened the situation a little bit, which I think was a good thing. Throughout the movie, our heroes got separated to be brought all together for a final explosive act. This way, I thought it let each of the characters to have their own adventure and it was a great way to go deeper and develop each of them. I’d say the movie probably had four big acts, at least that was my impression. With 2h30min, so many things happened!

The final thing I want to talk about are the visuals. Visually, The Last Jedi was a blessing. It gave some never seen before visuals in a Star Wars, Johnson brought his own style and vision that not only took the story to unexplored grounds but also took the visuals to something new. Johnson’s visual aesthetic brought something fresh to Star Wars while also being faithful to the visual style of the saga. There were several shots that were totally breathtaking!

Overall The Last Jedi was a real blast! It was unexpected, full of twists and turns, it kept me on the edge of my seat. Rian Johnson took risks, he made some bold choices and it really paid off. He gave us a mind-blowing story! He took Star Wars to some unexplored places. It felt fresh and new. And the cast was phenomenal! This movie is a success

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