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Forces Of Destiny: “Crash Course”

The final episode of Forces of Destiny for this year has been released. New episodes are coming in early 2018!

This episode featured Sabine, Hera and Ketsu Onyo. After crashing her speeder Ketsu had to borrow Sabine’s speeder. However, she destroyed that one too but Sabine stayed calmed and instead proposed Ketsu to teach her about rebuilding engines.

Now that we got the sixteen first episodes of Forces Of Destiny, I can say that I love this micro-series. It’s nice and fun adventures for everyone in the family. The highlight of this “first season” for me was the Ahsoka and Padmé episodes along with Rey episodes. Other things I loved was seeing Hera on Endor interacting with Han and Sabine meeting Jyn Erso. It’s things that we didn’t get to see in Star Wars Rebels but that worked perfectly on show like Forces of Destiny especially Sabine and Jyn. Hopefully, we’ll see more of these surprise encounters in future episodes.


Forces Of Destiny: “The Happabore Hazard”

“The Happabore Hzard” was released yesterday featuring Rey, Unkar Plutt and a Happabore.

The two previous Rey episodes were taking place during The Force Awakens but this one took place shortly before the movie. In this short, Rey had to bring a Quad Jumper to Unkar Plutt for 20 portions. It was a nice and fun episode.

Forces Of Destiny: “An Imperial Feast”

A second episode of Forces of Destiny has been released, this one is called “An Imperial Feast,” featuring Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, R2-D2 along with Hera and Chopper!

In this short, Leia tried to convince the ewoks not to eat the stormtroopers (to be honest this might have been a tasty feast (joking)). Han went to ask rations to … Hera Syndulla where he had to admit the Ghost was superior to the Millenium Falcon. What I liked about this episode was that they showed Hera on Endor and interacting with Han, which was pretty cool!

Forces of Destiny: “Accidental Allies”

It’s time for new episodes of Forces of Destiny! Yesterday night, Disney X.D. aired its second special including four new episodes, now like last time, these new ones are getting released online starting with “Accidental Allies.”

In this short, Sabine was on Garei carrying an important map that she accidentally dropped and Jyn Erso was the one who picked up. Sabine ended up saving Jyn’s life and the two got to meet. The two obviously don’t know each other’s names making sure it wouldn’t create plot holes in the story. I loved how this episode was handled, it worked well, it allowed these two characters to meet without messing up things and I would love to see these kind of episodes again in the future!

Forces Of Destiny: “The Starfighter Stunt”

Today’s episode of Forces of Destiny has just been released! It’s “The Starfighter Hunt” with Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano.

After Ahsoka has taught Padmé some starfighter combat move, she has to put what she learned in practice when a Vulture droid attacks them. Ahsoka doesn’t play a big role in the episode, it’s really Padmé who does everything with R2-D2 and takes down the droid, it’s Padmé episode. It’s a really nice episode! I love how Padmé has her own personal Naboo fighter, it’s chrome just like her Naboo yacht and Naboo starship from Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace!

This is the last new episode from last week TV Special, the other four episodes will be released after the October 29th TV Special.

Forces Of Destiny: “Teach You, I Will”

The Disney Youtube channel has just released a new episode of Forces of Destiny – “Teach You, I Will.” Today feels like a perfect day for this episode as it features Ahsoka Tano!

In this short, Ahsoka is learning to use her two lightsabers. First, she trains with Anakin but he doesn’t manage to get her to use properly her second blade then she trains with Yoda, who teaches her to take what she learns and make it her own. That’s a good lesson here because it’s how you get better at what you do. Forces of Destiny is really about the smalls things but it’s what matters, to quote Gandalf in The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey “It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.” It’s the beauty of this series and that’s why it’s important, to kids but also to everyone. I really love this new episode and I always want more stories from the clone wars era! This one is not only teaching us a good lesson but it also gives a little more backstory for how Ahsoka learned to use her second lightsaber.

Forces of Destiny: “Tracker Trouble”

The episode “Tracker Trouble” has just been released on Disney Youtube channel. It was part of yesterday’s TV Special on Disney Channel in the US.

This short features Rey, Finn, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Han Solo. It takes place during The Force Awakens before the team arrives on Takodana. The Millenium Falcon is pulled out of hyperspace because of a tracker that Unkar Plutt put on the ship. Rey and Chewbacca work together to locate it and get rid of it. It’s a pretty cool episode! It was absolutely delightful to hear John Boyega voicing Finn again and Daisy Ridley voicing Rey. I really love the Rey shorts, they’re nice little stories. For Han Solo, it was Kiff VandenHeuvel doing the voice and I got to say, he did a good job at it, it’s something close from Harrison Ford’s voice!

We will update you when more of yesterday’s shorts are released!