The Last Jedi: Character Teaser Posters

After the Behind the Scenes Reel, Lucasfilm has now released character teaser posters! They are very interesting, it’s a white background with the character outfits colored in red and they don’t show their face entirely, just up to the nose.
Posters for Leia, Poe, Rey, Finn, Luke and Kylo Ren have been released.
Click on the gallery below to see them full size:

Star Wars Rebels Receives A Nomination At The Emmy Awards

Great news for Star Wars fans, Star Wars Rebels has been nominated for “Outstanding Children’s Program”! Congrats to the incredible cast and crew!
The Star Wars Show has also been nominated an Emmy as “Outstanding Short Form Variety Series.”

Forces of Destiny: “The Stranger” & “Bounty Of Trouble”

The final shorts of Forces of Destiny for this Summer have been released. “The Stranger” and “Bounty of Trouble” both take place on Garei. In the first one, Jyn Erso helps a girl and her tooka who are bullied by stormtroopers. And in the second one, Leia gives an imperial data tape to Sabine while the two are attacked by the bounty hunter IG-88.

Forces of Destiny will be back this October with 8 more episodes that will be released the same way. One of the new shorts will feature an adventure with Rey and Finn. We also know that there will be at least a short featuring Hera Syndulla and another featuring Ketsu Onyo.

Forces of Destiny: “The Imposter Inside”

It’s finally time for the Padmé Amidala short! It also features Ahsoka Tano and the bounty hunter Cato Parasitti. Just like the Ahsoka short, it brings a lot of feels from The Clone Wars and it’s amazing to get new Padmé stories! Catherine Taber reprises her role of the senator of Naboo and as usual she’s doing a great work.
Enjoy this episode!

Forces of Destiny: “The Padawan Path”

We got an Ahsoka short today! “The Padawan Path” definitely brings feels from The Clone Wars with Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter and Tom Kane back in their respective roles of Ahsoka, Anakin and Yoda. In this episode, Ahsoka gets to save a family from a dysfunctional droid and gets her longer padawan braid.

One thing I will say about this episode is Anakin doesn’t look like Anakin and doesn’t even have his scar, which is disappointing, considering he is my favorite character of the saga. The Clone Wars will always have the best animation design for the character. Other than that, I think it’s a beautiful episode and getting to see stories told in the clone wars era is just wonderful!