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Star Wars Rebels: Two New Episode Titles Revealed

Yesterday on Wikipedia, I saw two new titles being listed for Star Wars Rebels but I wasn’t sure if these were correct as there was no source. However, Jedi-Bibliothek seems to have gotten confirmation of it. These episodes will air in January 2018 when the show returns from its hiatus.

01×10 “Allegiance”
01×11 “One Giant Step Ahead”


[Review] Star Wars Rebels: “Kindred” & “Crawler Commanders”

It’s Monday, which means it’s Star Wars Rebels day! Disney X.D. is airing tonight at 9PM two more episodes – “Kindred” was written by Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy, “Crawler Commanders” by Matt Michnovetz.


These two new episodes basically acted as a direct follow-up to last week’s episodes and I loved it, these episodes felt a lot more connected, it felt like a bigger story arc. Rebels isn’t just doing one story – one episode or one story two episodes, it’s just one big story now. Of course, each episode has a self-contained story but it’s a story that is deeply connected to the following episode, the show turned into serials, it’s no longer an episodic style. Considering, the story they are telling, that was the best choice!

“Kindred” featured the first appearance of Rukh on the show, Thrawn’s assassin voiced by Warwick Davis. Not being a fan of Legends, I don’t know how he was portrayed there but in Rebels, it was rather good. It felt like Rukh was a highly skilled hunter, a predator. I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with the character and if we’re going to see him again.

The two highlights of the episode were the Kanan and Hera kiss and the loth-wolves. So let’s talk about that HUGE Kanera moment, I had stopped hoping for it and it finally happened, yes they kissed! There was a first attempt that was interrupted, another one and finally Hera kissed him. This episode has heavy in Kanera feels. However, after the kiss, Kanan and Hera got separated as she left with the U-Wing to bring the data of the Tie Defender to Rebel Command on Yavin. I’m not trying to feel pessimistic or anything but it felt like a goodbye kiss, we have yet to see what will happen next week but I have a bad feeling about it. When something like that happens in other tv shows, there’s a death coming not long after, so who knows.

Now about the loth-wolves. We learned a lot more about them but it brought a lot of questions as well. The loth-wolves have a deep connection to the Force and to Lothal and Kanan felt like they had a purpose but the question is – what is their purpose? The white wolf repeated once again the word “Dume,” which is Kanan’s name but there again, it doesn’t help to answer our questions and keeps bringing more questions. Why Kanan? We will have to be a bit more patient for answers but this episode, especially with the loth-wolves part was breathtaking in terms of Force content. The wolves reminded me a lot of the Daughter-Father-Son from the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars, in fact this episode reminded a lot of that. One last thing about this was the place the wolves took the rebels to. It felt like these structures were from an ancient time like the Jedi temple on Lothal, like if all of this was somehow connected. Lothal is important and probably not just for our heroes but for the Force as well.

“Crawler Commanders” was a different episode. It focused on the rebel team on Lothal trying to contact Hera while on Yavin Hera was trying to convince Bail, Mon and Dodonna to launch a group of starfighters to attack Lothal and destroy the Tie Defenders. I want to thank Michnovetz for Hera’s speech in this episode because it was truly amazing!

We will not stand down, we will not be broken by fear, we are strong, united by our courage, now is our time!

That speech was so inspiring and powerful. It was enough to convince rebel command to launch that strike team. And considering the name of next week’s episode “Rebel Assault,” things are going to get explosive when Hera arrives with her X-Wing squadron! I really love all the sequences with Hera, Mon, Bail and Dodonna, I want more of this!

The part on Lothal was compelling too and I was happy to see Cikatro Vizago again! He was a prisoner forcing to work on a crawler ship. The crawler ship were destroying Lothal by taking its resources. That ship had a nice design, reminiscent of The Clone Wars. The highlight definitely had to be Zeb fighting the Trandoshan, it was badass! Among all, the fun in that part of the episode, there was a dark scene when Ezra lead the captain of the ship to his death, while he could have saved him and just capture him instead. After “Twin Suns,” Ezra headed back to the right path but it seems there’s still some darkness in him and he’s still ready to kill people like that. It was a short scene but I think what happened there was important enough to mention it.

8.5/10 Two more amazing episodes with “Kindred” having some great Force content with the Loth-wolves!

Star Wars Rebels: “Kindred” & “Crawler Commanders” Sneak Peek

The first preview of “Kindred” has been released, it features Governor Pryce and Rukh, Thrawn’s assassin who is making his first appearance on the show and is voiced by Warwick Davis.

Another clip has been released, this one focusing on the rebels:

The Nerdist has also released a sneak peek of “Crawler Commanders,” revealing Seth Green will voice a Trandoshan! Green previously voiced TODO-360 in The Clone Wars. You can watch the preview here.

[Review] Star Wars Rebels: “The Occupation” & “Flight Of The Defender”

“The Occupation” and “Flight Of The Defender” are already available on the DisneyNOW app and they will air tonight on Disney X.D. at 9PM ET/PT.


These two episodes work as a two-part story arc taking place on Lothal and the planet has changed a lot since we last saw it. It was on complete lock down and it was complete burnt. The Empire has fully taken control of the planet, it feels like another Jedha situation and speaking of this, we got to see the Combat Assault Tank from Rogue One! I liked how everything has changed, it showed what the Empire is capable of and its power of destruction. I think it’s going to get worse in the upcoming episodes, at least before it gets better for Ryder and his rebels.

“The Occupation” was the Ghost crew infiltrating Lothal, trying to contact Ryder. However, as usual, things didn’t go as planned and they were hunted by the Empire. In the end they escaped with Ryder. “Flight Of The Defender” had its focus on discovering more about the new version of Tie Defender. It was two very interesting episodes. The two episodes reflected the oppression of the Empire on the planet, you could feel the danger, the tension coming from every way.

These two episodes brought back characters from season 1 – Jai Kell from “Breaking Ranks” and Baron Valen Rudor from “Empire Day.” Jai got older with a brand new look that suited him. He helped Ezra and the Ghost crew to escape the stormtroopers in “The Occupation.” He got a nice development from being an Imperial cadet to now standing up against the Empire and I do hope we will see him again in the upcoming episodes. As for Baron Valen Rudor, he was owner of Old Jho’s bar (Old Jho was executed for working with the rebels off screen) and he got some nice new costume. It was a civilian costume that really felt like only someone from the Empire would wear. It also brought Cikatro Vizago as well, he was the one who took the Ghost crew on Lothal, whether he managed to escape the stormtroopers or not, wasn’t quite clear. The first episode was very much about revisiting a lot of places from previous seasons and seeing how it had changed, what the Empire had done to it. What you thought was filler episodes are not filler anymore, everything is being connected in this final season and “The Occupation” was the proof of it.

In “The Occupation,” the entire Ghost crew got new outfits for their undercover mission, even if it didn’t work, it was nice seeing the characters wearing something different. Sabine got a brand new look – new hair color (but also longer hair) and new paints on her armor and I think it might be my new favorite look of this character!

Fans will be happy to learn we got a Kanera moment, it was sweet and beautiful. They almost kissed but as always something interrupted them. However, this scene was a lot more intimate than the previous ones, the characters were much more open with each other and the moment Hera said “you could always see me” was quite poignant. They love each other, there’s no doubt of it but I think that now and probably in the upcoming episodes, they will say what they feel about each other.

Ezra and Sabine were the center of “Flight Of The Defender.” They got to steal the new prototype of the Tie Defender and had to escape the Empire. The most captivating part of the episode was the first appearance of the Loth-wolf. It brought so many questions like could other people see him? What did he/she want? Who was he/she? Ezra explained Loth-wolves were legends and hadn’t been seen on Lothal for a long time but suddenly one came back, that’s no coincidence! But the why is still unclear. However, this Loth-wolf had some kind of power, he made Sabine sleep so that she wouldn’t see him and he just simply disappeared before the rest of the Ghost crew could see him. To me, it felt like he was protecting them but he didn’t want them to see him except Ezra and that begs the question of what is Ezra’s place in all of this? Let’s not forget, his name is BRIDGER, and Star Wars names always have a meaning and the answer could be with this Loth-Wolf. It’s going to be exciting to see what happens in the next episodes, anyway, I just can’t wait!

9/10 Amazing, intense, action-packed episodes!