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Tag & Bink To Appear In The Han Solo Spinoff

Ron Howard revealed in a tweet yesterday that Tag and Bink from Legends will appear in the Han Solo spinoff, it’s going to make some fans happy and it will surely bring some fun into the movie.

If you hadn’t recognize on the photo, it’s Jon Kasdan, the screenwriter of the movie and Toby Hefferman who are playing the characters, he confirmed it in a tweet.


The Last Jedi: First TV Spot Released

It is that time of the year again when after the trailer is released, TV Spots start to hit the television and the internet. This first TV Spot for The Last Jedi is almost one-minute long. For the most part it’s the trailer that has been cut differently but there is some new things in the middle of this – a new shot of BB-8 and also of Finn during his fight against Phasma. Plus a new line from Luke – “Why are you here?” The TV Spot suggests he is telling it to Rey, could it be his very first line in the movie?

The quality for now isn’t the best but as soon as there is a better version posted, we will update the post.

The Last Jedi IMAX Standee Revealed

IMAX has just revealed their exclusive standee for The Last Jedi and it looks great! Interestingly Luke can be found on both sides – Resistance and First Order. In the official poster, you can also find this duality between light and dark as well as Luke’s face is halfway in the light and the rest in the red.

The Last Jedi Poster Revealed!

As we are waiting for The Last Jedi trailer to be released later tonight, the poster has just been revealed and it’s beautiful! Both Luke and Leia are at the center, top and bottom then on each side of them are the other characters. On the left are the good guys and on the right the bad guys at the exception of Poe Dameron, which is intriguing! The Praetorian Guards are also featured on the poster and they looks badass! General Hux is featured on the poster while for The Force Awakens he wasn’t, this could suggest he has a bigger role this time. Among the new characters, you can see Rose and BB-9E but not Amilyn Holdo and DJ. It remains similar to the first one in terms of tone where the red color is predominant.

The Last Jedi: Trailer and Tickets Arriving Tomorrow

It’s now official, the new trailer for The Last Jedi will drop tomorrow during halftime of the Monday Night Football on ESPN! The game starts at 5:15 p.m. PDT/8:15 p.m. EDT. The official Star Wars Twitter and the Twitter for Good Morning America have posted two teases for the trailer. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow as well in the US after the trailer is released.

For Europe, the trailer will drop early on Tuesday morning and tickets will go on sale at the same time.

[Hasbro] New Black Series 6 Inch Figures Revealed

Today is the start of New York Comic-Con and Hasbro has revealed some new figures from the Black Series 6 Inch line. There is one new figure from The Last Jedi and the rest are from the Original trilogy. We knew DJ was coming in 3.75 inch figures but now we have confirmation he will also be released in 6 inch, the figure looks great! For the OT figures, it’s Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard disguise, 4-LOM and Dengar, we also knew they were coming thanks to rumors but NYCC is giving us the first look at these figures. Rey (Resistance) was also presented there, she had already been revealed at SDCC but this time, we know she will have her poncho for the rain as an accessory like the 3.75 inch version. All these new figures will use the digital face print app technology, the same tech that S.H. Figuarts and MAFEX use. They are likely to be released in early 2018.