Rogue One: On Blu-Ray & DVD April 21 In France, April 10 in UK

After the announcement of the blu-ray release in the US, we have now official word that the release date in France is April 21 (on digital April 14) and in UK April 10. Both will also get a 3D blu-ray release on the same date!


Rogue One: On Blu-Ray and DVD April 4

It’s official Rogue One will be released on blu-ray and DVD in the US on April 4 and on Digital HD March 24. A trailer for the occasion has been released, giving us a little look at the behind the scenes content we will be able to see in the bonus.

The list of bonus includes:

  • A Rogue Idea – Hear how ILM’s John Knoll came up with the movie’s concept – and why it’s the right film to launch the Star Wars stand-alone films.
  • Jyn: The Rebel – Get to know Rogue One’s defiant, resourceful survivor, and hear what it was like for Felicity Jones to bring her to life onscreen.
  • Cassian: The Spy – Diego Luna shares insights into his complex, driven character, who becomes a hero through selflessness, perseverance and passion.
  • K-2SO: The Droid – Explore the development of this reprogrammed Imperial droid, from initial pitch and character design through Alan Tudyk’s performance.
  • Baze & Chirrut: Guardians of the Whills – Go deeper into the relationship between these two very different characters, with Chinese superstars Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen.
  • Bodhi & Saw: The Pilot & The Revolutionary – Forest Whitaker and Riz Ahmed reflect on Saw Gerrera, the broken Rebel leader, and Bodhi Rook, the Imperial pilot who defects.
  • The Empire – Meet a dangerous new Imperial adversary…and cross paths once more with the most iconic villain of all time.
  • Visions of Hope: The Look of “Rogue One” – The filmmakers describe the challenges and thrills of developing a bold new look for the movie that can fit within the world of the original trilogy.
  • The Princess & The Governor – See what it took to bring the vibrant young princess of Star Wars: A New Hope – as well as one of her most memorable foes­ – back to the screen.
  • Epilogue: The Story Continues – Filmmakers and cast celebrate Rogue One’s premiere and look forward into the future, to the Star Wars stories yet to be told.
  • Rogue Connections – Uncover Easter eggs and film facts hidden throughout the movie that connect Rogue One to the Star Wars universe.


Apart from the normal blu-ray and DVD edition, there will also be US retailed exclusives.
Target Exclusive: 5-disc set includes collectible packaging with interchangeable character covers and exclusive bonus content (Blu-ray 3D + two Blu-ray + DVD + DVD exclusive content – 2 additional bonus features + Digital HD + collectible packaging)

Best Buy Exclusive: 4-disc set with exclusive SteelBook packaging (Blu-ray 3D + two Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD + SteelBook packaging)

Walmart Exclusive: 3-disc set with exclusive K-2SO packaging and two Galactic Connexions trading discs (two Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD + K-2SO packaging + two Galactic Connexions trading discs)

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The Jedi Lounge: Interview With Kelly M

This week at the Jedi Lounge, we are interviewing Kelly M who runs the great Team Ahsoka website!

1. Which Star Wars movie did you see first?
A New Hope, which I saw on television (or possibly VHS) in the late 1980s. It was quite literally my first step into a larger world.

2. What Star Wars means to you?
To me, Star Wars isn’t just the pinnacle of captivating and imaginative storytelling; it’s an integral part of my life. And it’s something I’ve been able to share not just with close friends and family but, thanks to social media, with countless other fans around the world. I’ve made quite a few good friends with people I’ve met online (my husband included).

3. What’s your favorite part of the Star Wars saga and why? (it can be one of the eight movies or even one of the tv shows)
This is a tough one as I’m pretty fond of all the movies and spin-off media. If I had to pick just one part, I’d choose The Clone Wars TV series as it did a spectacular job of fleshing out the themes and characters from the prequel trilogy and it gave us a glimpse into the realities of a galaxy-wide war from various points of view.
It also introduced a wide range of exciting and well-written original characters including my all-time favourite Star Wars character, Ahsoka Tano. I honestly can’t recommend this series enough to fans of the saga and urge those who disliked the prequel trilogy to give The Clone Wars a shot. It may even change the way you feel about the prequels.

4. If you had to choose a subtitle that sums up the Star Wars saga what would it be for you?
“Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem”. This fortune cookie from The Clone Wars episode ‘The Wrong Jedi’ sums up the entire saga perfectly. And it’s great life advice!

5. What do you think of having anthology movies that don’t focus on the Skywalker saga and tell other stories ? And which anthology movies would you like to see in the upcoming years ?
As much as I love the Skywalker saga, I’m glad Lucasfilm and Disney have been bold enough to push on with their plans to create more anthology films. Lucasfilm had already begun to explore the wider galaxy in The Clone Wars and Star War Rebels (even if these tie into the saga in some way) so it’s great to see that they’re carrying on this tradition in the form of standalone films. It’s a big galaxy, after all, and I’m sure every inhabitant has a story to tell.
What I would really love to see is a Siege of Mandalore film, be it live action or animated (ideally the latter). Rogue One was a perfect lead-in for A New Hope, tying together the prequel and original trilogies. A Siege of Mandalore film would be the ideal set-up for Revenge of the Sith and E.K. Johnston’s Ahsoka novel. I know a LOT of Clone Wars fans would love to see Ahsoka, Rex, and co on the big screen again and it’d give the series the mind-blowing ending it truly deserved.

6. What did you think of Rogue One ? And how many times you saw it ?
I’d seen it four times at the time of writing and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it a couple more times before it finishes its theatrical run.
I could ramble on endlessly about Rogue One but, for the sake of brevity, I’ll just say that it’s a beautiful tribute to the Star Wars saga that blends elements from the prequels and the original trilogy and sends a wonderful message: The road to a brighter future is often fraught with hardship and heartache but one should never lose hope.

7.Rogue One showed a different side of the Alliance, a side that is more questionable, what did you think of that ?
This is exactly the sort of thing I had expected to see in the film and I’m glad Lucasfilm didn’t shy away from exploring the morally grey areas of the Rebellion. If The Clone Wars and books like Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars have taught me anything, it’s that nothing is ever black or white. Even the seemingly noble Rebel Alliance has a few skeletons in its closet…

8. Were you satisfied with how Rogue One ended and with the fact that all the main heroes died ?
To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better way to end this film. The closing scenes with Vader, Leia, and the Tantive IV were beyond even my wildest expectations and the death of the entire Rogue One crew added a certain gravitas to the story. The crew’s sacrifice for the greater good was as bittersweet as it was inspirational and it will make me view the events of A New Hope in a whole new light.

9. Rogue One brought back Tarkin to life with CGI and a young Leia at the end, what were your thoughts of this use of CGI ?
Ethical issues aside, I thought ILM and Lucasfilm did a spectacular job of bringing Tarkin and young Leia back to life in Rogue One. From a technical point of view, it was practically flawless (the minor imperfections were more noticeable in the 3D screenings) and from a storytelling point of view, it made perfect sense to include these two iconic characters in the film.
That said, I’m not sure how comfortable I would be about using this technology to recreate Leia in Episode IX. Thankfully, it seems that Lucasfilm have no plans to bring Carrie Fisher back to life on screen but, should they change their minds, I hope it is done in a sensitive manner and in a way that respects her family’s wishes.

10. About The Force Awakens, how do you think it connects with the two other trilogies ? Were you satisfied about this opening to the Sequel trilogy ?
I know a lot of people have complained about the similarities between TFA and ANH but I found it thoroughly enjoyable (if not particularly innovative) and I do feel it brought back a lot of the fans that had all but given up on the saga after the prequels were released.
That said, a lot of the film’s success can be attributed to nostalgia so I am expecting bigger, better things from Episode VIII. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if Episode VIII turns out to be a retread of a previous storyline.
With regards to how TFA connects with the other two trilogies, I’d say it does a fairly good job of following on from the original trilogy, though there’s still a lot of the time period between Return of the Jedi and TFA that needs to be explored. I also found it a little disheartening that everything had gone so horribly wrong for our OT heroes and that the New Republic was already descending into chaos. I guess there’s no such thing as a happy ending in Star Wars!
Aside from the mention of the clone army and the odd Easter egg here and there, there wasn’t a great deal to connect TFA to the prequel trilogy…but I don’t think it was some sort of conspiracy to anger fans of the prequels. Remember, the events of the prequels are quite a few decades in the past by this point (the galaxy has moved on) and we still don’t know what Lucasfilm have in store for us in Episodes VIII and IX. So let’s give them the benefit of the doubt… 😉

11. Do you have any theories about Rey’s parents ?
Oh dear. This one’s a minefield.
Initially, I was almost certain that Rey was Luke’s daughter but lately I’m not so sure. I know there are quite a few theories floating about (some plausible, some downright daft) but I’m currently leaning towards the idea that Rey’s parents are a) characters we’ve never met and b) no one special.
She may very well be a Skywalker or a Solo or even a descendant of Kenobi’s but I’d honestly be happier if it turned out that Rey wasn’t related to any of these iconic characters. Let Rey be special on her terms.

12. Do you think it is a good idea to have three different directors for the Sequel trilogy ? Or would you have preferred just one director for the three movies ?
I think it’s hard to pass judgement at this stage as I have no idea what Rian Johnson or Colin Trevorrow have in store for us. Ask me again when Episode IX is out!

13. What did you think of the portrayal of classic characters Han and Leia in The Force Awakens ? Did you think it was a good continuation of how the characters were in the Original Trilogy ?
It was great to see that Leia was still actively involved in the fight against tyranny but a little disheartening that everything she, Han, and Luke had fought for in the Original Trilogy had fallen apart within a couple of decades. Not to mention the additional heartache of having a son succumb to the Dark Side and then murder your husband. Life certainly hasn’t been kind to poor Leia.
Han’s return to smuggling caught me a little offguard but I suppose it makes some sense (it’s familiar territory to him). What I’d like to know is what happened between him and Leia between the events of ‘Bloodline’ and TFA that pushed them so far apart…

14. George Lucas said about the first six movies “It’s ONE movie and it’s meant to be seen I through VI.” Do you agree with this statement and why?
I’d probably agree and disagree with his statement. Episodes I to VI do tell one long, fairly cohesive story (especially if you throw in The Clone Wars for good measure) but I’m not sure I’d recommend watching the films in that particular order.
That now-iconic revelation in The Empire Strikes Back loses its shock factor if you watch the prequels first, so I’d personally advise newcomers to watch the films in this order: IV, V, I, II, III, VI.
This would not only preserve Empire’s shock factor but also give viewers the chance to dip into Anakin’s backstory before seeing how his journey ends in Return of the Jedi.

15. How important do you think it was to have the Prequels telling this story of the rise and fall of Anakin, the fall of the Republic and the rise to power of a tyrant … and why do you think it was important to tell this story? For you, how does it connect to the First trilogy?
The prequel trilogy turned out to be somewhat different to what I had had in mind but I’m still fairly pleased with what we got. The three films serve as a warning that even those with noble intentions can fall victim to circumstance and make some spectacularly terrible decisions. They also helped humanize Vader and establish how a seemingly peaceful Republic can collapse into chaos or, worse, give rise to a tyrannical regime that attempts to rob the average citizen of their powers and rights.
Sadly, a brief glance at the news suggests that we haven’t learnt from the mistakes made by that Galaxy Far, Far Away…

16. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in the Prequels and why ?
It’s a tie between the politics (particularly during the tumultuous Clone Wars era) and the world-building. The prequels really gave us the sense that there was a huge, diverse galaxy out there waiting to be explored.

17. What did you think of the performances of the main cast in the Prequels ?
If I’m completely honest, I’d say it was a little hit and miss. But I’ve never let that affect my overall enjoyment of the prequels.

18. What impact has The Clone Wars left on the movies for you? How did it change your way of watching the movies?
I see the series as a perfect complement to the prequel trilogy as it delved into topics the films just didn’t have the time to explore, e.g. Anakin’s growth from troubled Padawan to confident Jedi Knight, and the actual Clone Wars themselves.
It also made the Order 66 scenes a LOT harder to watch. Poor Plo…

19. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in Star Wars Rebels ?
I tend to favour the Force lore-heavy episodes but the one aspect of the series that has really kept me hooked is seeing how a small rebel cell became an integral part of a much wider, larger rebellion and how the Ghost crew have dealt with the various obstacles thrown their way. All signs point towards us seeing the birth of the Rebel Alliance on this show (be it this season or the next). I can’t wait!

20. About the Ghost crew, who is your favorite and who is the one you like the least ?
It’s hard to pick a favourite as it changes from episode to episode. Sometimes it’s Kanan, sometimes it’s Sabine. They’ve both come a long way over the course of three seasons, coming to terms with who they are and who they’re meant to be, and I’m curious to see where they’ll go from here. Of course, I’m also a huge fan of our favourite murder-bot Chopper (who isn’t?).
As for least favourite, it’s Ezra. For whatever reason, I haven’t connected with him as I did with Ahsoka in The Clone Wars and while I certainly don’t hate him, I kind of wish Sabine had been the central character in Rebels.
For a while, I was hopeful that the writers were going to take Ezra’s character in a certain direction. His struggles with his anger and guilt at the start of season 3 made him a much more relatable character and his erratic behaviour really threatened to destabilize the crew dynamic. But, sadly, this seemed to have resolved itself within a couple of episodes. A missed opportunity, I think.

21. Where do you think Ezra’s story is headed in the future seasons ? Considering his name is Bridger and in Star Wars names have a meaning, what do you think he is supposed to bridge ?
I’d like to think that he’ll serve as a sort of bridge between the Light Side and the Dark (especially given his recent dealings with Maul) but I can’t help but feel that his family name is just a nod to the fact that Star Wars Rebels bridges the gap between Revenge of the Sith and the Original Trilogy.


Han Solo Spinoff: First Cast Photo And Released Date Confirmed

The official site has posted the first cast photo of the Han Solo spinoff. On the picture we can see the two directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller along with Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. The post also confirms Thandie Newton has been cast in the movie (though she’s not featured in the cast photo). It’s an exciting way to start principal photography!

The site describes Han Solo spinoff as a movie that “will explore the duo’s adventures before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, including their early encounters with that other card-playing rogue from a galaxy far, far away, Lando Calrissian.”

The post also confirmed the release date for May 25, 2018 meaning Star Wars movies will go back to being released in May like before!



Star Wars Rebels: “Through Imperial Eyes” Sneak Peek

In this sneak peek of next week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels (February 25), we see what’s going on through Kallus’s eyes as the cruiser he’s on is on alert. It feels a bit like a video game like playing at the first person view. It will be interesting if it’s just a scene that is like that or the entire episode, after all the title is “Through Imperial Eyes” …


[Review] Star Wars Rebels: “Legacy Of Mandalore”

After a one-month break, Star Wars Rebels has finally returned on Disney X.D. This episode was a continuation of the previous one that featured Sabine’s training to use the dark saber.

I just need to say it now “Legacy Of Mandalore” was brilliant! I absolutely loved the episode and I didn’t see the end coming! Since the beginning Sabine’s story was leading up to this moment where she would confront her mother (and no despite some theories she is not Rook Kast!) and the Mandalorians and it finally happened! We got to meet Sabine’s mother, her brother, Fenn Rau was also there along with Gar Saxon. The action took place on a Mandalorian snowy planet at Sabine’s mother outpost, which featured the beautiful Mandalorian architecture. The episode was divided in two acts, the first act Sabine reuniting with her mother and her trapping Sabine and the Jedi, and the second act the Mandalorians having to fight against the Mandalorians Imperials and Sabine facing Gar Saxon.

At first, Sabine’s mother was portrayed as a cold character along with Sabine’s brother who was part of Saxon’s soldiers. Sabine wasn’t very well welcomed there but quickly, we saw that Sabine’s mother was only doing what she thought was best to protect her family and her husband being held prisoner on Mandalore. There’s one word to describe the Wrens – family. That’s what they believe in and their actions were all based on helping, protecting their family in the episode. But by doing so, Sabine’s mother brought Gar Saxon on the planet and what he brought was only violence. Her mistake only made her realize more than ever that she had to fight instead of accepting the Empire only to protect her husband.

The action sequence was really well done, Ezra and Kanan fighting the Mandalorians and Mandalorians vs Mandalorians was pure beauty! It reminded of The Clone Wars so much! The best part of the action sequence was the big duel between Sabine Wren and Gar Saxon, she fought him with Ezra’s lightsaber. It was intense, a bit like Maul vs Vizsla, it was done in the same rules. It started in the building and ended outside with amazing visuals! Sabine won honorably but she didn’t kill Gar, though her mother did when he tried to kill Sabine, proving that she was now standing with her daughter, and not just doing what she thought was right to protect her.

The ending was a surprise for me, the Mandalorians didn’t join the Rebellion, they decided they had to rise on their own to become strong again and Sabine finally accepted who she was, making the decision to stay with her family in order to find the one who will be worthy to rule Mandalore as she didn’t want of that position. So yes, Sabine left the rebels and stayed with the Mandalorians.

What does this mean for what happens next? Sabine is leaving the Ghost crew to continue on her own path for now. The interactions between the Ghost crew will definitely feel different now with one of its core members gone. However, I do believe she will be back for the season 3 finale as among the rebel fleet, you can spot a Mandalorian starfighter in the mid-season trailer, which leads me to think the Mandalorians might come to help the rebels in their battle against Thrawn.

9/10 A brilliant episode that concluded Sabine’s story arc about Mandalore in an amazing and explosive way! That duel was intense!