[Hasbro] New Black Series Figures Revealed At Toy Fair

During their presentation, Hasbro revealed plenty of new Black Series figures and on the showroom, they also presented previously announced figures soon-to-be-released, giving us a better look at the Solo A Star Wars figures (Solo merchandise will hit the shelves on April 20!)

Vice Admiral Holdo (early 2019) (why so late, we don’t know)
Leia Hoth
Zuckus TRU exclusive (this Spring)
Gamorrean Guard Target exclusive
Commander Wolffe Gamestop, B&N, Disney exclusives
R2-X2 Amazon exclusive
R2-D2 Amazon exclusive
R5-D4 Amazon exclusive

Now for the Solo figures:
Tobias Beckett
Mimban Stormtrooper Walmart exclusive

Previously revealed Han Solo, Qi’Ra, Lando, Range Trooper, Lando (ROTJ skiff guard disguise), Grand Moff Tarkin (ANH), Rebel Fleet trooper (Rogue One/ANH) 2-Porg pack (TLJ) and Dengar (ESB) were also in the Hasbro showroom, all these figures look amazing!


[Hasbro] Solo A Star Wars Story: Black Series Figures Revealed!

Io9 revealed the first for Solo A Star Wars Story and we got a first look at a brand new trooper – the Imperial Range Trooper who is mixed between the Snowtrooper and the Shoretrooper!
Other figures coming are Han, Lando and Qi’Ra. They will be released this Spring. I think you can probably expect more reveals at the end of the week with the New York Toy Fair.

Star Wars Rebels: ‘Jedi Night’ Clips Released

Star Wars Rebels returns this Monday on Disney X.D. for its final episodes. Two new clips for ‘Jedi Night’ have been released and I think no one is ready for the level of feels that is coming with these episodes!
The first clip is Kanan asking Ezra to come up with a plan to save Hera as he can’t do it himself considering how he feels about her. And the second clip is another powerful moment with Kanan cutting his hair with a wonderful piece of soundtrack by Kevin Kiner!


A third clip has been released!

Bob Iger Confirms Multiple Star Wars TV Series In Development

During an investor call, Bob Iger confirmed that there are multiple Star Wars TV series in development for the Disney streaming service. His exact words were “a few Star Wars series specifically” are being created! He didn’t say if it was live-action or animated but it’s great news that more TV series are coming! According to Iger people will be pleased with the creators they are talking to and once the deal is finalized on the first series, we can expect an announcement!

With Johnson’s trilogy, the new series of Star Wars films and this news, Star Wars has a bright future ahead!

Game of Thrones Creates To Write And Produce A New Series Of Star Wars Films

It’s been announced yesterday, Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are joining the Star Wars family! They will be writing a new series of Star Wars films separate from the episodic-Skywalker saga films and the Rian Johnson’s trilogy.

“David and Dan are some of the best storytellers working today. Their command of complex characters, depth of story and richness of mythology will break new ground and boldly push Star Wars in ways I find incredibly exciting,” said Kathleen Kennedy.

There’s no release date for now, nor any information in which era the movies will take place.

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