Forces Of Destiny Returns March 19!

Forces Of Destiny returns Monday March 19 on Disney’s official Youtube channel at 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET (which is about 6:00 PM in France). The shorts will then air on Disney Channel as part of a TV Special March 25 at 9:50 PM/ET. There will be 8 new episodes! You can read the episode descriptions below:

Hasty Departure
Hera and Sabine liberate an Imperial shuttle only to find they have unexpected cargo – troopers!
Unexpected Company
Upset when Ahsoka joins a mission set for just he and Padmé, Anakin puts them on a dangerous path. Working alongside the secret couple, Ahsoka helps save the day.
Shuttle Shock
On their approach to Canto Bight, Finn and Rose learn to work together to navigate a pod of dangerous creatures.
Jyn’s Trade
Jyn helps a young thief learn a valuable lesson.
Run Rey Run
While scavenging inside a Star Destroyer, Rey is cornered by competition on the hunt for a valuable part.
Bounty Hunted
Maz Kanata helps Leia, Chewbacca and R2-D2 with a clever plan to free Han from Jabba the Hutt.
The Path Ahead
Training with Master Yoda in the swamps of Dagobah, Luke learns an important lesson.
Porg Problems
Rey has her training interrupted by some very mischievous porgs.

Mark Hamill and Kelly Marie Tran will be there to reprise their roles of Luke and Rose along with Daisy Ridley, Lupita Nyong’o among others.Q


[Hasbro] Solo A Star Wars Story: Black Series Boxed And Loose Images Released

Hasbro has released boxed and loose images of their upcoming Black Series figures for Solo A Star Wars Story along with two exclusives that are not from the movie. The digital printing face makes all the difference, Han and Lando figures look amazing!

The Gamorrean Guard is a Target exclusive while Commander Wolffe is a GameStop/Disney Store and B&N exclusive.

The Last Jedi: Phasma vs Finn Alternate Fight Scene Revealed

The Star Wars Show revealed yesterday one of the deleted scenes from The Last Jedi. This one was an alternate version of the fight scene between Phasma and Finn. And it looked entirely different with Phasma killing her Stormtroopers comrades as Finn revealed to them that she was the one who lowered the shields of the Starkiller Base. Phasma executing her allies so that they wouldn’t tell anyone the truth is very much what she did in her own novel but in the movie, I feel like this was an unnecessary scene, cutting the pace of the action in the movie so I definitely prefer the version of the scene we got in the final cut.

Star Wars Rebels: Series Finale Trailers & Preview

Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end on March 5th. The episodes will start half an hour earlier on Disney X.D. at 8:30PM, we’re getting a 90-minute finale! Two trailers and a preview have been released and it looks like we’ll see a lot of characters will be back for the final moments of the series – Hondo Ohnaka, Rex, Kallus, Gregor, Wolffe, Cikatro Vizago!

[Review] Star Wars Rebels: “Wolves And A Door” & “A World Between Worlds”

Next week is Star Wars Rebels final farewell, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this show. But before thinking about that, let’s talk about this week’s episodes!

Last week, the show gave us two mind-blowing episodes with Kanan’s death but this week was on another level, it added so much to the Star Wars lore and to the Force lore. “A World Between Worlds” is the best episodes this series has given us and some of the best storytelling Star Wars has ever given us, that’s how important and great they are! Plus it included some amazing guest stars! The show is giving everything they have with these final episodes!

The first one was Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, The Mentalist, Star Trek Generations) who voiced Veris Hydan, an advisor to the Emperor who had knowledge about the Jedi and Sith, he was a scholar. And McDowell’s voice was quite a good fit for the character! The design was like a cheap version of the Emperor’s advisors from Return of the Jedi, which I like!

The second guest star was Ian McDiarmid who returned to voice Palpatine! After four seasons, we finally got to see the Emperor and the team just nailed it unlike some previous legacy characters who appeared on the show. Visually, it really looked like the Emperor!

The final guest-star was the one that surprised me the most because I didn’t expect her to be back, I don’t think anybody expected her to be back now – Ashley Eckstein and Ahsoka Tano! AHSOKA LIVES! And I’m just so happy about it! I knew she survived that encounter against Darth Vader on Malachor, I knew it! I’ll talk more about this later but now I just need Filoni to tell us more of Ahsoka’s story and not in a book, I need either an animated movie or a mini tv series about her!

Back in season 2, we learned from Minister Tua that the Emperor had bigger plans for Lothal and it all paid off in these two new episodes revealing something quite shocking! Lothal Jedi Temple was a lot more than what it appeared to be. It contained something that no one could have imagined – a portal to another world. As Hydan would describe it “a pathway between all time and space!” Rebels did that yes! The access to that portal was a painting featuring the Mortis Gods – The Daughter, The Father and The Son. And also the convor who often followed Ahsoka in the series, the name of that bird was revealed to be Morai and as Hydan theorized it, it could be the Daughter, at least it’s connected to her. It also added a lot to the Mortis arc. The Father in that arc talked about a great power that his family had, now it makes sense the power they had – they had access to that world between all worlds, to this place where they could see everything that happened in the universe, past, present and future. The Mortis episodes were already some strange episodes (in the best possible way) but “A World Between Worlds” added even more to that strangeness and mythology. That portal opened so many possibilities. It made sense that the Emperor wanted access to such a place as he could control the universe if he did. There were hints he was looking for that power in the Tarkin novel with his researches in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant but it wasn’t clear what he was after at the time. Star Wars Rebels is connecting everything together.

So how Ahsoka survived? Thanks to the portals. Ezra who entered this world found the portal that was giving access to the Ahsoka vs Vader duel and at the last second, he grabbed Ahsoka and brought her inside this world! For her, her fight against Vader was just seconds ago while it was awhile ago but like on Mortis, Time doesn’t work the same inside this world. Ahsoka played a key role for Ezra in this episode as she helped him learned one last lesson – letting go. When Ezra realized he saved Ahsoka, he tried to do the same with Kanan but in the end he listened to Ahsoka. Kanan had found the perfect moment to die, he found the moment when people needed him the most and that’s when he sacrificed himself. In the end, Ahsoka returned to her portal with Morai. Back on Malachor, she returned in the Sith Temple as we saw it in the last moments of ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’. I just love when stories are playing with the notions of time and stuff like that.

Ezra having opened this world, also allowed the Emperor to find him, and saw the portal, even if it didn’t last long, Ezra and Ahsoka confronted him and that was an awesome scene! These blue flames/energy attacking the two Jedi, great moment!

In the end, you can guess that Ezra closed the portal that was giving access to this world and the Lothal Temple was destroyed … or gone, like it was never here in the first place, just the symbol on the ground. Just like what happened with Mortis. Lots of parallels between these episodes.

The final scene of “A World Between Worlds” was just as emotional as Kanan’s death. Dume, the wolf stopped for a moment, looking at Ezra saying goodbye to Kanan before disappearing into the haze. And that’s just Kanan saying goodbye and leaving this world. I just had tears in my eyes watching this scene It was visually outstanding, the show should win an Emmy award just for that sequence alone.

“A World Between Worlds” is Star Wars Rebels best episode and some of Star Wars best storytelling ever! It added so much to the Force lore, much like the Mortis arc did at the time. This episode hits you right in the feels and finally Ahsoka’s fate is answered! Thank you Dave Filoni for everything you’ve done for Star Wars!

[Review] Star Wars Rebels: ‘Jedi Night’ & ‘DUME’

Star Wars Rebels returned yesterday in an explosive way with two new episodes – ‘Jedi Night’ and ‘DUME.’

Words are difficult to find after watching what happened at the end of ‘Jedi Night.’ It was devastating to say the least. I always thought that Kanan wouldn’t survive at the end of the show but I wasn’t prepared for it to actually happen. In many ways, ‘Jedi Night’ was Kanan’s episode and him closing his unfinished business. What I mean by unfinished business is what he had with Hera, for the two of them to finally kiss and to acknowledge their feelings. But also saying goodbye to Ezra who was his padawan since the beginning of the show. The very first scene of the episode was exactly about all of this, Kanan giving Ezra responsibilities, making him the leader while acknowledging to himself what he felt for Hera. It was such a beautiful moment but it was also foreshadowing what was going to happen in this episode.

Kanan’s death had a huge impact on the characters but also on fans, he was a beloved character and he was my favorite character of Star Wars Rebels so it was obviously hard saying goodbye (I’ll talk about this subject with the episode ‘DUME’ later in the review). But his death was one of a hero and that’s who Jedi are – they represent true heroism and Hope. Kanan died saving his friends and accomplishing the mission Hera had failed – stopping the production of the Tie Defenders. The explosion of the fuel depot incapacitated the Ties factory. A few seconds before the blast of the fuel depot took Kanan, he got his sight back, letting him see Hera one last time. In that moment, he was one with the Force, at peace with himself and so I think that’s why he was able to see her again and that was just so beautiful but heartbreaking as well. Kevin Kiner did a wonderful job with the soundtrack!

Kanan wasn’t the only one to finally acknowledge his feelings for Hera, Hera too acknowledged that she loved him. She was also an important part of the episode. This episode was about getting Hera back and that’s what Kanan did in the end. Actually, both Thrawn and Governor Pryce had a ruthless scene torturing Hera, that was quite dark and showed how evil they were!

The use of the gliders to get to Lothal city was actually a nice idea and it was put on screen in a beautiful way, there were some really good shots!

‘Jedi Night’ was a powerful episode and dare I say one of Star Wars Rebels‘s best episodes. The soundtrack, the visuals, the dialogues, the performances, the story, everything was amazing. It was the best end Kanan could have gotten.

Now, ‘DUME’ was about grieving Kanan’s death. The characters were dealing with Kanan’s death in their own ways but it also allowed the audience to deal with it with the character. At first, it all seemed that everything was last, that Hope was gone because Kanan was dead and Jedi represent this Hope. But as the characters grieved, they realized that no Hope wasn’t gone on the contrary, it was there more than ever because of what Kanan had accomplished when he died – he finished Hera’s mission stopping the Tie Defenders production, meaning the rebels actually had won.

Ezra dealt with Kanan’s death like you’d expect him to do – blaming himself and his powers for it but in his grief, he found help – Dume, the chief of the Loth-wolves who offered his help to Ezra. Who the Loth-wolves are is still a mystery, and I’m not quite sure we’ll ever get all the answers about them, I like this mysterious side of them but you can clearly understand that they’re Force-related creatures.

Sabine and Zeb who are warriors, dealt with Kanan’s death by wanting to fight back and hurt the Empire and that’s when they realized Kanan had already stroke a major blow against the Empire. In their anger, they also found that they shouldn’t cross a line – killing Rukh, instead they painted him and sent him back to the Empire, showing that they were still fighting and they were not giving up.

Hera was first lost and devastated by Kanan’s loss but she got back on her feet and added something to represent her lost love on her Kalikori and that’s the moment she made peace with it.

Governor Pryce’s reaction to the Empire’s defeat was quite pitiful – organizing a celebration pretending the rebels had been defeated while it was the Empire who lost big.

‘DUME’ was an emotional ride, giving us the time to grieve Kanan’s death before continuing the story next week.

[Hasbro] New Black Series Figures Revealed At Toy Fair

During their presentation, Hasbro revealed plenty of new Black Series figures and on the showroom, they also presented previously announced figures soon-to-be-released, giving us a better look at the Solo A Star Wars figures (Solo merchandise will hit the shelves on April 20!)

Vice Admiral Holdo (early 2019) (why so late, we don’t know)
Leia Hoth
Zuckus TRU exclusive (this Spring)
Gamorrean Guard Target exclusive
Commander Wolffe Gamestop, B&N, Disney exclusives
R2-X2 Amazon exclusive
R2-D2 Amazon exclusive
R5-D4 Amazon exclusive

Now for the Solo figures:
Tobias Beckett
Mimban Stormtrooper Walmart exclusive

Previously revealed Han Solo, Qi’Ra, Lando, Range Trooper, Lando (ROTJ skiff guard disguise), Grand Moff Tarkin (ANH), Rebel Fleet trooper (Rogue One/ANH) 2-Porg pack (TLJ) and Dengar (ESB) were also in the Hasbro showroom, all these figures look amazing!

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