Star Wars Rebels: Two Episode Synopses Revealed

After getting more episode titles yesterday, we have now the synopses of two of these episodes thanks to JediBibliothek. I would guess that the “mysterious Imperial agent” from “Kindred” is probably Rukh but sounds like it’s going to be great episodes!

04×07 “Kindred”
Tracked back to their hidden base by a mysterious Imperial agent, the rebels must trust some seemingly dangerous native creatures, who are far more than meets the eye.

04×08 “Crawler Commandeers”
Desperate to contact Rebel command, the Ghost crew pirates a mining vehicle with long range communications gear, but the Empire arrives to spoil their plans.


Forces Of Destiny: Two New Episode Titles And Synopses Revealed

After getting the synopsis and titles for episode 9 and 10, JediBibliothek has now found the titles and synopses of episodes 11 and 12! It’s great to see another Ahsoka short featuring both Anakin and Yoda!
For the airing date, it’s schedule for October 28 and 29 in Germany on Disney Channel, so you can probably expect it to be released a bit earlier in the US.

01×11 “The Track Trouble”
Rey and Chewie remove a tracker from the Falcon.

01×12 “Teach You, I Will”
Anakin teaches a frustrated Ahsoka to fight with two lightsabers. Yoda intervenes, deals with the young Jedi and teaches her a valuable.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4: More Episode Titles And Airing Dates Revealed

The official website gave a little update for the airing schedule of Star Wars Rebels season 4. So far, we had the schedule up to October 30, now we have the episode titles and airing dates up to November 13!

November 6 – 04×07 “Kindred,” 04×08 “Crawler Commandeers”
November 13 – 04×09 “Rebel Assault”

The official site mentions many episodes will air back-to-back but it seems some won’t like episode 9 that will air on its own. After this one, there will be a break and the series will return for its final episodes in early 2018!

The episodes guides will be posted on the official website on Tuesdays 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT, and Rebels Recon episodes will be posted after the 9 PM broadcasts of Rebels episodes!
For a reminder, each Star Wars Rebels episodes will air several times on Disney X.D. – 12:30 AM, 3:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 5:30 PM, and 9:00 PM ET.

[Review] Star Wars Darth Maul

The trade paperback of the Darth Maul mini series is released today. The trade paperback contains the 5 issues along with a short story featuring one of Maul’s probe droids befriending another droid on Tatooine during The Phantom Menace, it’s always nice to have some nice fun droid stories especially after this kind of big dark stories.

Darth Maul miniseries takes place before The Phantom Menace. It’s the second pre-TPM story we get in canon (the first one being Yoda as part of the main ongoing Star Wars comic series) and hopefully, we’ll see many more taking place in this time period we haven’t seen a lot about.

One of my favorite things of this miniseries is the diversity you get in it – there are alien species from all eras (Prequels, Originals, Sequels), it’s as good as it gets. It’s visually beautiful to see all these species appearing in the same story. And we even see some Kyuzo, the same species as Constable Zuvio, they are even dressed similarly as him! I really loved seeing species and ships from The Clone Wars! You can even spot in the background several times the one and only HONDO OHNAKA! You can spot Lom Pyke and his pyke Syndicate too and the Moogans also have a role in the story. What I was the most happy about was the return of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. These two were hired by Darth Maul, on their team a Culisetto (species first seen in The Force Awakens) and a Chadra-Fan (species introduced in A New Hope). The bounty hunter team was a perfect combination of species across all eras.

Pre-TPM Maul is obviously not the same Maul from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, he is closer to the TPM Maul – a man of a few words, even though we get to go into his mind, he talks a lot more to himself! There is one thing that always comes back with Maul – his rage, his anger and you can see how it already consumes him. This miniseries gives us a better look at his apprentice-master relationship he has with Darth Sidious and as you could expect from Sidious – there is a lot of manipulation.

Now, about the story, it’s interesting and the last two issues are extremely action-packed! Darth Maul is on the trail of a Jedi Padawan who has been captured and he sees in it the perfect opportunity to test his skills. For this mission, he hires Cad Bane and his team. Obviously, the situation is more complicated that it seems and it leads to a lot of fight and badassery. Cad Bane is his usual self and I love it, he’s such a great bounty hunter! The duel between Maul and the Padawan was spectacular! It keeps you entertain for sure!

Ross and Woodard (the artist and color artist) have done an incredible job in this comic. It’s at the same time really realistic in the way that Ross really did the characters right and there is also a comic feel sometimes with some images. It’s something that really works. The palette of colors knows how to be dark when it needs to and to be colorful as well.

There is one thing I want to mention even though it’s not necessarily important – Nar Shaddaa. I love how it looked like in Star Wars The Old Republic and I’m really happy it has a similar look in this comic (and the other appearances it made in canon), it’s a big city but it has a more filthy feel.

There is a huge connection with Star Wars Rebels in the story, in a flashback we see Darth Sidious taking Darth Maul to … MALACHOR! So now we know how Maul knew the planet. But we also got a better look at the fight that took place there long before these characters were even born and it seemed like an epic and dark fight! Maybe one day, could we get the full story of what happened on Malachor?

7.5/10 It’s a great miniseries, visually beautiful and with an entertaining story. The question is, did we really need a Darth Maul story taking place in there? I’m not sure it was needed, there are many other stories that would be great to be told in the Pre-TPM era. However, this miniseries is good enough for it to be worth of your time!

Forces Of Destiny: Titles And Synopsis Of Two Upcoming Episodes Revealed

Jedi-Bibliothek has found on German TV listing the titles and synopsis of two new Forces of Destiny episodes that will be airing this October. It seems it will be the first two shorts we’ll be getting from this batch of new episodes (there will be 8 episodes released this October). They are schedule for October 21 and 22 in Germany meaning that they will premiere on the Disney youtube channel before that date. I would probably guess that we would get these episodes mid-October or beginning of that month.

01×09: “Newest Recruit”
Sabine hopes to convince the former bounty hunter Ketsu to join the Rebellion but the mission turns out to be much more complex than originally planned.

01×10: “The Starfighter Hunt”
When Ashoka teaches Padmé to fly a starfighter, they are attacked by a droid starfighter, and Padmé must immediately put what they’ve learned into action.

It’s great to see that Ahsoka and Padmé will team up once again. However, this episode seems to be problematic as Padmé already knows how to fly, in Attack of the Clones, she piloted a Naboo starfighter in the opening of the movie and later she also fly a Naboo yatch during The Clone Wars. But Forces of Destiny are small fun adventures that are here to show the heroism in everyday life, to inspire so it’s not too much a big deal if there are some inaccuracies in it.

In-Depth Interview Of Harrison Ford For GQ

GQ has done for their October issue and in-depth interview with Harrison Ford, which is really really interesting and worth reading. The interview reflects on his career but also his life. It’s not everyday we get an interview of him like this. Throughout the interview, you can really see that he’s just a simple man and it’s one of the great things about him, and he definitely doesn’t hesitate to say what he thinks! You can read his full interview at GQ.

Here’s when he talks about Star Wars and reveals that it was George Lucas who called him to come back for The Force Awakens and it was mentioned that Han Solo would die right from the first call:
Ford’s least expected late-career reprise was his return to the world of Star Wars. “I was surprised,” he concedes. The first call came from George Lucas. “It was proposed that I might make another appearance as Han Solo. And I think it was mentioned, even in the first call, that he would not survive. That’s something I’d been arguing for for some period of time”—Ford had unsuccessfully lobbied for Solo to die in Return of the Jedi in 1983—“so I said okay.”
Was that a necessity for you to be involved?
“Not necessarily. But it was, you know, an interesting development of the character.”
This year Ford attended his first Star Wars “Celebration” fan event, in commemoration of the first film’s 40th anniversary. “I was asked to make an appearance and I did,” he says, as though only the want of an invitation has kept him away until now. He appeared on a panel with Lucas, and I was surprised to watch Ford bring up his famous criticism of the director’s clunky dialogue right to his face: “You can type this shit, but you can’t say it.”
Lucas doesn’t get offended by that?
Ford laughs, as if this has never really crossed his mind. “I don’t think so. He sold the company for, you know, $4 billion. He doesn’t give a shit what I think.” Ford reminisces about the first time he shared this opinion on the Star Wars set. “George usually sits near a monitor, far removed, so I had to convey my impression…or my feelings…about the dialogue across a great space. So I did shout it. ‘George! You can type this shit, but you sure can’t say it! Move your mouth when you’re typing!’ But it was a joke, at the time. A stress-relieving joke.”

Star Wars Rebels: First Episodes Of Season 4 Titles Revealed

Thanks to Jedi-Bibliothek, we got the titles for the first six episodes of season 4 including their airing dates.

October 16: 04X01-02 “Heroes of Mandalore Part 1 & 2”
October 23: 04×03-04 “In The Name Of The Rebellion Part 1 & 2”
October 30: 04×05 “The Occupation,” 04×06 “Flight of the Defender”

As it was revealed yesterday, Disney X.D. is airing the final season of Star Wars Rebels with 2 episodes each week!

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