As you all know the Emmy award winning animated TV series Star Wars The Clone Wars was cancelled after its 5th season (The series is part of the official Star Wars Canon and is part of the immovable objects of Star Wars history along with the 6 movies) leaving most of the main storylines unresolved. In March 2014, The Lost Missions (13 episodes that were part of the planned season 6) were released on Netflix. In Summer 2014, the first canon comics called Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir was released, it was based on the unfinished Darth Maul arc from season 6. September 25, The story reel of the Obikin Utapau arc was released on under the banner of The Clone Wars Legacy, this was an unfinished arc from season 6 or 7. Next Summer the Dark Disciple Asajj Ventress/Quinlan Vos canon novel based on an unfinished arc from season 7 will be released. Even though the show was cancelled some of these stories are still released. The scripts of season 6-7-8 were all written (revealed by Dave Filoni and also by one of the writer of the series Brent Friedman on Twitter @BFree63 ) before the cancellation, part of the animation/concept arts were done for some arcs (according to the concept arts released for The Clone Wars Legacy) and also part of the voice recordings.

The bounty Hunter arc was written by the head writer of season 6 Matt Michnovetz.

Brent Friedman wrote two arcs about Rex – one called The Bad Batch and another about R2-D2 and Rex.

This second Yoda arc was the Kashyyyk arc that was planned for season 6.

Knowing this the fans of The Clone Wars didn’t give up and thought on Twitter asking Disney to #SaveTheCloneWars

Disney is really the authority that can bring back our beloved show and fans need to keep showing there is interest for The Clone Wars by tweeting using the hashtag #SaveTheCloneWars and buying The Clone Wars The Lost Missions blu-ray, Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir comics and the upcoming Dark Disciple novel.

and part of the crew is with the fans for getting these remained stories :

Furthermore these untold stories are considered as canon as Pablo Hidalgo ( from the Lucasfilm Story Group) revealed it in The Clone Wars Legacy video :

For more information on the Save The Clone Wars campaign, you can follow the leader of the campaign on Twitter and Facebook :



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